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We are over the halfway mark for the high school baseball season. A reminder about suspended games when it comes to pitch counts.

Situation: In the third inning a disruption to the game occurs causing a suspension of the game to a later date. Team A’s pitcher was at 47 pitches and Team B’s pitcher was at 30 pitches.

Ruling: The pitch count rule is a daily rule. The host school should log the pitches on the pitch count tracking sheet so there is documentation of the number of pitches thrown that day. Team A’s pitcher will be required to rest two days before he may pitch again. Team B’s pitcher is required no rest days between appearances. When the game resumes at a later date the pitching availability merely depends on who is available; the pitch counts do not resume from the previous suspended game. Recording: For suspended games the recording needs to be done internally and kept on hand. Max Preps and Game Changer are working on a suspended game function to record pitch counts but that is not available at this time. The rule still applies.

Post Season Applications Due
A reminder to umpires that applications for state tournament assignment are due on Friday, May 4 and can be completed on-line or mailed or faxed to the KSHSAA. To complete the application on-line log in as an official and click on baseball – the application is on the right hand side of the page. Any umpire who has attended a rule meeting and area supervisor meeting and scored 90% on the test should complete an application.

Schools may start submitting recommendations for state umpires May 2nd with a closing date of May 9th.

Test Yourself
With no runners on base and a 3-2 count on the batter, F1 pitches from the set position, but does not come to a stop. B1 swings and misses.

  1. Illegal pitch. A ball is awarded and B1 is entitled to first.
  2. B1 has struck out.
  3. The pitch is a "do over."

No Game Played
If schools are unable to finish the game because of weather and no winner can be decided by the game ending procedures than you have a suspended game. Each school should do all they can to play the game. But if by mutual agreement the two schools cannot continue the game then they can determine a winner by who was winning or it goes as no game played. It still counts towards one of the 20 allotted games but no win or loss on the record. [ Continue ]

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Great Bend Sports Complex

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