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March 16th officially kicked off the high school baseball season with some games playing through the weekend. The 2017 season will mark a major change in our high school game. Pitch counts. Anyone that has paid attention the last four years knows this has been a high discussion item and at the top of the agenda at any baseball meeting around the country. The new NFHS rule now states that state associations must adopt a pitching restriction based on number of pitches thrown with required rest. Kansas has achieved that with great data and representation from our coaches here in the state. I want to give a public shout out to those coaches, doctors and administrators that helped orchestrate the rule for Kansas: Ernie Castillo – Moscow; John Heise – Kapaun Mt. Carmel; Rocky Helm – Maize HS; Dennis Hurla – KC Ward; Steve Bushnell – Topeka – Seaman; Dr. Matt Bohm – Sports Medicine Physician; Jay Gifford – Dodge City; Brian Cain – Ellis; Alan Cunningham – Silver Lake; Mike Hill – Lawrence - Free State; Steve Bever – Girard. Thank you!

To see the KSHSAA Pitch Count Rule please click here. To see other pitch count situations click here.

Recording with MaxPreps
The KSHSAA has partnered with MaxPreps to help record pitch counts, schedules and scores for baseball this season. Schools are required to report those three items after every game. If you got to the baseball page like the one here you can see the “scores and schedules” widget at the top of the main baseball page with the games scheduled for the current day and so on.

Rule Meetings
Throughout the month of February the face-to-face rules meeting for umpires took place in 12 locations. This year was a great year to review mechanics but also address a number of new initiatives and rules. There was a great deal of focus on the basics of plate mechanics. KSHSAA baseball umpires will be confident in their approach this year and going forward. Many umpires have asked to view the meeting again to review the meeting. That can be done by going to the “Education” tab under the officials log in at

No Tryouts or Group Training
Once a student becomes a member of the school team they cannot participate in a tryout for a college team or a non-school team in the same sport (baseball) until their school team membership is over. They may also not be involved in any group training in the same sport (baseball) during the season.

Private Instruction Is Permitted
During the school season a student/athlete may continue to receive private instruction in the same sport that they are participating in (baseball). Private instruction is defined as one on one instruction. A support person may be present but not receive instruction. For instance, if the player was going to a pitching lesson the school catcher could go to “support” and catch, but the catcher cannot receive instruction during the lesson. A pitcher could not go to a group pitching lesson during the season.

Part of the rationale for the rule is when players are participating on the school team, they need to do things the way the school coach has asked. When multiple people are giving instruction the player is challenged with what advice to follow and it becomes confusing. If a player is taking private lessons they should inform the school coach.

No participation on a Non-School team
During the school season a player may not also play on a non-school team in the same sport. School team membership is over when a player’s school squad has completed their last game. At that point they can begin playing on a non-school team but are limited to no more than 5 from the same school squad playing or practicing together until the Saturday before Memorial Day.

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