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As we enter into the last two weeks of the regular season and some coaches and players begin to feel their season slip away they become difficult to officiate for. It is important that officials concentrate on being consistent in calling violations and communicating appropriately what you are seeing. As the season wears on we sometimes get a little lax in indicating a closely guarded count, watching the pivot foot for traveling and for palming. Rough play continues to be a concern and if fouls occur they need to be called early and sometimes often. Coaches need to teach players legal tactics and act appropriately when fouls are called. The game is for the kids, the coaches are not the show, the officials are not the show - the kids are who the game is for. So as a reminder - fans support their teams, coaches coach their teams, officials adjudicate the rules, and players play the game. If everyone remembers their role things will go well and we will have a great post-season.

Officials explaining to coaches what is it you saw by using proper signals is important. There are times when you have a call that needs a little more explanation - if so give it such as - "she/he got her with the body coach" on a foul which wasn’t contact with the arm on a shot. Or on an illegal screen - "not set". One of the things officials must do is "tell the truth." If you kicked it, say so; if you anticipated a foul, say so; if you saw it and just didn’t pull the trigger, say so; if you had a great look, say so.

Win-Loss records are due to the managers on Monday, February 19. Classes 1A-3A should report their updated record to their sub-state manager on February 21, 2018. Games played after that day will not count for sub-state seeding but will be included in state tournament seeding. Seeding is done on a percentage of games won so if a team doesn’t have 20 games completed it will not count against them. Games played against JV teams do not count as a win or a loss for seeding purposes but do count as one of the 20 allowable games. Classes 4A, 5A and 6A will seed their tournaments on February 24.

The win-loss record form that shows each game played and the score must be updated after each game. The form should have all games included by February 24, 2018. The seeding for each sub-state is updated on the KSHSAA basketball page by sub-state site so all schools can see where they stand in their sub-state group. It is imperative that schools enter accurate information.

During a free throw, lane spaces may be occupied as follows:

  • Marked lane spaces may be occupied by a maximum of two offensive players; and four defensive players.
  • The first marked lane space on each side of the lane, above and adjacent to the first lane-space marks, shall be occupied by opponents of the free thrower. No teammate of the free thrower shall occupy either of these marked lane spaces.
  • The second marked lane spaces on each side may be occupied by teammates of the free thrower.
  • The third marked lane spaces on each side, nearest the free-thrower, may be occupied by the opponents of the free thrower.
  • Players shall be permitted to move along and across the lane to occupy a vacant marked lane space within the limitations described above.
  • Not more than one player may occupy any part of a marked lane space.
  • Any player other than the free thrower, who does not occupy a marked lane space MUST be behind the free throw line extended and behind the three point line

The running clock is mandatory in all Sub-State contests. The running clock will be used in the 4th quarter only when a 30 point differential is reached. Beginning with the start of the 4th quarter, any time the score differential reaches a 30 point margin the clock shall continue to run except when stopped per NFHS playing rules.

Rosters for Sub-State must be completed by February 22 (BB-5 girls; BB-6 boys) by the school administrator. The forms are online forms and the data will be stored so you do not need to re-key it in for each level of play. When you fill out the form it will generate your roster and pass gate list first for the Sub-State roster. Once you have entered all the player information, coach information, and pass gate information at the bottom it will say "continue", click that button, the next page will allow you to do a printable version of your roster and pass gate (2 sheets) to forward to your sub-state manager. If you qualify for the state tournament you will need to log in and update roster information on BB-9 (girls) and BB-10 (boys) before noon on Sunday, March 4. Changes to pass-gate can be made until noon on Monday, March 5. At that time the KSHSAA will send the pass gate information to the state managers.

Situation of the Week
The ball has been released on a field-goal try or tap by Wildcat #12 toward their basket:
(a) Wildcat #10 excessively swings arm(s) or elbow(s) without contacting an opponent. The ball goes through the basket.
(b) Shocker #30 excessively swings arm(s) or elbow(s) without contacting an opponent. The ball goes through the basket.

In (A) the official will sound the whistle immediately for a violation. The ball is dead, the goal is not scored.
In (B) the ball is dead when the try ends. The goal is scored and the "Wildcats" are awarded a throw-in at the spot closest to the violation. (6-7-9 Exception D)

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