REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS: Because KSHSAA rules require that each regional grouping shall have the same number of schools/teams participating insofar as possible, it may be necessary to split the boys and girls teams from a school. If this is necessary, these tournaments will be scheduled on different days.

TOURNAMENT ADMISSION: A Regional tournament/site will only charge one admission/ticket. .At the state tournament, each tournament (2@ 6A, 2 @ 5-1A) will require a separate admission/ticket.

COACHES MEETING: A meeting for all head coaches will be conducted prior ro each post-season tournament. It is important to conduct a meeting before each tournament because: 1.All schools do not have the same coach for both teams; 2. At regional tournaments, some schools may attend different tournament sites and therefore may be only competing at the second tournament of the day.

SUBSTITUTIONS: No substitutions will be allowed after the coaches meeting.

TEAM SEASON AVERAGE: To arrive at a team's season average for the regional entry card, add the scores of the top 4 bowlers from all games during the regular season and divide by the number of competitions bowled.

OILING LANES: Lanes will be re-oiled at the state tournaments between tournaments. Due to time and expense, lanes will not be re-oiled at regional tournaments.

CEREMONIAL BALL @ STATE TOURNAMENT: After introductions and prior to the start of the 10 minute warm-up period, the following will participate in the rolling of a ceremonial ball: 1. The regional medalist (6A=3; 5-1A =4); 2. Bowlers who rolled a 300 game or 800 series during the season.

Note: 300 game/800 series bowlers who did not qualify for state competition may participate if in their team uniform.



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