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Heat Acclimatization Policy Rule 30-1-8 Art. 8:
In order to prepare student/athletes for a successful fall season and appropriate heat acclimatization the KSHSAA Board of Directors passed the following rule.

Beginning Monday of SCW #7 (August 13, 2018) the following practice rules apply to football, boys and girls cross country, boys soccer, girls volleyball, girls gymnastics, girls tennis and girls golf:

  1. Only one practice per day is permitted the first 5 days of practice. All individuals shall only practice once per day for the first five days the individual practices, no matter when the person joins the team or if the person misses days due to injury/illness.
  2. No single practice may last longer than 3 hours. All warm-up, stretching, conditioning and weight lifting is included as part of the 3 hour limit.
  3. A separate walkthrough is permitted in addition to the single practice. The walkthrough cannot be longer than 1 hour and must be separated from practice by at least 3 hours of rest. A walkthrough is defined as a teaching opportunity with the athletes in which no protective equipment is worn. No physically exerting activity, including any conditioning or weight lifting, may take place during the walkthrough.
  4. Beginning on practice day 6, double practice sessions are permitted for any individual who has completed 5 days of single practices. Double practice sessions cannot be held on consecutive days. The day following a double practice day would be either a single practice day or a rest/recovery day.
  5. On days of multiple practices, no single practice may last longer than 3 hours and total practice time combined shall not exceed 5 hours.
  6. To be deemed a practice, a majority of the squad members must participate in the organized team training session.

See the KSHSAA website - for more information and frequently asked questions.

Cross Country Runners Required to have NINE days of practice
KSHSAA Cross Country Rule 34 states a cross country runner must participate in nine days of practice with the team prior to participating in a meet.

High School and Middle School Cross Country Coaches Must Complete Exam
This year all high school and middle school cross country coaches must complete a 50 question online exam. Questions were mailed to athletic directors in July and are included as the last two pages of the announcement sheet. Directions on how to submit answers to the test were also mailed with the Announcement Sheet. The exam period begins July 30 and coaches must complete the online exam by August 28. If your coach does not complete the online exam by August 28, your school will be fined $25.

No Road Races During Season
Outside competition Rule 22 states: “A student who is a member of a school athletic squad effective Tuesday following Labor Day through Friday preceding Memorial Day may not participate as a member of an outside team or as an independent competitor in the same sport.” August 13 is the first day of practice for cross country runners. Because the KSHSAA definition of school year begins the Tuesday after Labor Day it is possible a student/athlete practicing with the school team could participate in a road race or other competition while on the school team. If a student plans to do so they should notify the school coach as it may affect the training regimen they have for that athlete. No prizes can be accepted (see below). Color runs because they do not have a timing aspect are not considered a violation.

Awards and Amateur Rules (Rule 20 and 22)
If members of the cross country team compete in off season races, remember KSHSAA rules prohibit student athletes from accepting prizes. Many “road races” offer cash or merchandise prizes such as shoes, caps, gift certificates for meals, movies, etc. runners should check with the school coach and administration before entering and running in these events. Students who participate in athletic activities, outside of interscholastic competition, shall not accept awards of cash or merchandise. Medals, trophies, and T-shirts shall not be considered merchandise.”

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