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Cross Country Exam Due August 28
All head coaches for high school and middle school cross country must complete the cross country exam that was included in the cross country announcements mailed to schools. Coaches must log in and submit answers through the KSHSAA website as a school coach.

First day of Competition – August 29
Many schools are preparing for the first cross country meets of the season later this week. The KSHSAA has a requirement that an individual participate in nine practices before participating. If a student athlete comes out for cross country late, they still need to follow the heat acclimatization policy.

Cross Country Runners Required to have NINE days of practice
As a reminder KSHSAA Handbook Rule 34 states a cross country runner must participate in nine days of practice with the team prior to participating in a meet. The concern about heat acclimatization and hydration is the reason for the required number of practices for each individual. Students who are dual participation athletes must work with coaches to ensure they attend nine practices in both sports. It is permissible for a coach to provide a workout for a student to complete prior to or after the other team practice. Coaches are responsible for documenting these practices.

Cross Country Teams Required to have FOURTEEN days of practice
KSHSAA Handbook Rule 34 also states “no member school shall participate in a meet until it has had 14 days of training. This rule applies grades 7-12. This means if the school has a meet scheduled for Thursday, August 30, 2018 the team will need to have a practice on a Saturday or Sunday in order to have fourteen days of practice before the meet.

Legal Uniform & Sportsmanship Message
Many meets do not have a coaches meeting prior to the start of races. Therefore, coaches are to turn in to meet management the “Legal Uniform and Sportsmanship” card prior to the meet starting. This indicates the coach knows their runners are properly equipped and agree to participate in a sportsmanlike manner. Coaches can get copies of this form on the KSHSAA cross country page.

Inhalers and/or Atomizers
The use of an atomizer during competition containing a prescription drug designed to alleviate the asthmatic condition is not considered to be an illegal aid as long as a physician’s statement documenting the need of the athlete to use the prescription is presented to the meet director/referee prior to the beginning of the meet. (Note: Without a doctor’s statement, the athlete may only use the inhaler prior to and after competition.)

Clarification on gloves and caps
As in previous years in the event of inclement weather, the games committee may permit stocking caps and gloves to be worn. If worn all team members must have the same color of gloves. If worn all team members must have the same color of stocking caps. Not all members must wear them, but if they do they must be the same color. Visors and baseball style hats are not permitted.

A cross country course is marked with a white line identifying the races course as well as by flag designations. Due to an error in laying out the course, the white directional line passes on the right side of a yellow flag and A1 runs on the marking line instead of passing on the left side of the flag.

RULING: A1 will be disqualified. COMMENT: While it is unfortunate that the misplaced course marking line may have caused some confusion, the rule clearly states that in case of a discrepancy such as this the "directional flag markings take precedence over any other course marking."

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