Cross Country

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No Road Races During Season
Outside competition Rule 22 states: "A student who is a member of a school athletic squad effective Tuesday following Labor Day through Friday preceding Memorial Day may not participate as a member of an outside team or as an independent competitor in the same sport." Students who are members of a cross country team cannot compete in road races, 5K, benefit runs for various causes while they are a member of the school team. Color runs because they do not have a timing aspect are not considered a violation.

Be Prepared for Hot Weather
The first week of competition for cross country brought some very hot weather. Meet organizers must be prepared for these conditions. Suggestions include making sure there is plenty of cool water available for athletes to drink, have an immersion tub with cool water for athletes who may go down and need to be cooled quickly. Cold towels can be used but are not as good at cooling athletes as an immersion tub. Have an athletic trainer available if possible. EMS should either be on site or on call if an athlete would need immediate medical assistance. Schools hosting events should have an emergency action plan in place for events at the venue being used.

Legal Uniform & Sportsmanship Message
Many meets do not have a coaches meeting prior to the start of races. Therefore, coaches are to turn in to meet management the "Legal Uniform and Sportsmanship" card prior to the meet starting. This indicates the coach knows their runners are properly equipped and agree to participate in a sportsmanlike manner. Coaches can get copies of this form on the KSHSAA cross country page.

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