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After several weeks of very hot weather, last Saturday was a perfect day for cross country with cooler weather and I am sure a lot of personal records for runners. Coaches must continue to monitor the weather as we enter a time of the year where temperatures can vary from day to day. If you are hosting a meet it is important to have a trail vehicle following runners to help if a runner is in need.

Inhalers and/or Atomizers
The use of an atomizer during competition containing a prescription drug designed to alleviate the asthmatic condition is not considered to be an illegal aid as long as a physician’s statement documenting the need of the athlete to use the prescription is presented to the meet director/referee prior to the beginning of the meet. (Note: Without a doctor’s statement, the athlete may only use the inhaler prior to and after competition.)

Clarification on gloves and caps
As in previous years in the event of inclement weather, the games committee may permit stocking caps and gloves to be worn. If worn all team members must have the same color of gloves. If worn all team members must have the same color of stocking caps. Not all members must wear them, but if they do they must be the same color. Visors and baseball style hats are not permitted.

2018 Regional Cross Country Meets
The date for the regional Cross Country meets is Saturday, October 20, 2018. Regional meets will be permitted to start in the morning. Regional assignments will not be available until after classifications are completed (September 20 is count day). Regional cross country sites and hosts will not be known until at the earliest October 1st after classifications are released by noon on September 27.
The state cross country meet is Saturday, October 27, which is an ACT testing date.

For the first time, transponders/computerized chips are being used to determine times in a cross country meet. Runner A dives across the finish line to barely edge out Runner B. The finish judges pick Runner A, because his/her torso clearly crossed the line first. When the official results come in, Runner A had the second fastest time, but was awarded first place.
RULING: Illegal procedure.
COMMENT: The games committee shall determine in advance if something other than time will determine placement. Although Runner A dove across the line to finish torso-first, cross country requires time and place be recorded when the transponder/computerized chip in the shoe crosses the finish line.

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