(2-SPEAKER) State Debate Tournaments
4A & 3-2-1A January 20-21, 2017
6A & 5A January 27-28, 2017
Hosted by Blue Valley Southwest High School
1st - Shawnee Mission Northwest Julian Kuffour and Lily Ottinger Coached by Ken King
2nd - Shawnee Mission East Carolyn Hassett and Nick Massa Coached by Trey Witt
3rd - OP-Blue Valley West Daniel Birzer and Srivats Narayanan Coached by Arianne Fortune
3rd -  Shawnee Mission West Andy Hui and Caleb Vering Coached by Rose Lawler
4th - OP-Blue Valley North Mickey McMahon and Avanyish Toniappa Coached by Kelly Thompson
4th - Garden City Macklin Crone and Emily Unruh Coached by Russ Tidwell
4th - Shawnee Mission East Christopher Munar and Nico Rodriguez-Hanley Coached by Trey Witt
4th - OP-Blue Valley West Animesh Shrouti and Seena Saidian Coached by Arianne Fortune
Hosted by Blue Valley Southwest High School
1st - OP-Blue Valley Southwest Abby Fry and Dean Ziegelman Coached by Jared Zuckerman
2nd - Lansing Patrick Bircher and Jerry Wong Coached by Carolyn Cook
3rd - Wichita-Kapaum Mt. Carmel Bobby Phillips and Angelo Wong Coached by Mike Harris
3rd -  OP-Blue Valley Southwest Rachel Holzer and Sumaya Hussaini Coached by Jared Zuckerman
4th - Lansing Mackenzie O'Donnell and Elaine Wong Coached by Carolyn Cook
4th - OP-Blue Valley Southwest Eli Pieper and Max McCarty Coached by Jared Zuckerman
4th - KC-Sumner Academy Michael Franklin and Royal Sullivan Coached by Jamelle Brown
4th - Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel Gabe Esquivel & Jackson Hoffmann Coached by Mike Harris
Hosted by Lyons High School
1st - SM-Bishop Miege Aidan Gray and Grace Wheeler Coached by Melissa Reynolds
2nd - El Dorado Makenna Hayes and Logan Stenseng Coached by Melisa Wingfield
3rd - Louisburg Grayson Anderson and Isabelle Holtzen Coached by Claire Haflich
3rd -  Spring Hill Nicholas Kaechele and Tyshaun Straw Coached by Amanda Ford
4th - Spring Hill Dakota Rockers and Jacob Smith Coached by Amanda Ford
4th - SM-Bishop Miege Adam Albright and Olivia Boling Coached by Melissa Reynolds
4th - Andover Central Grant Daily and Zach McGill Coached by Jodee Hobbs
4th - Buhler Jimmy Nguyen and Paddy Qiu Coached by Larissa Carter
CLASS 3-2-1A
Hosted by Lyons High School & Central Elementary
1st - Lawrence-Bishop Seabury Academy Chloe Akers and Hilary Griggs Coached by Pete Akers
2nd - Wichita-The Independent School Neema Fathi and Adrian Wiggans Coached by John Steere
3rd - Hays-Thomas More Prep-Marian Paul Brull and Carlos Schwindt Coached by Kelli Jo Kirmer
3rd -  Sterling J.J. Oden and Edward Weiner Coached by Betsy Dutton
4th - Russell Taelyr Blehm and Tisha Gupta Coached by Shawn Denton
4th - Pittsburg-St. Mary's Colgan Lesly Bocanegra and Collin Duncan Coached by Tony Sanchez
4th - Sterling Maddie Wagley and Jacob Pieplow Coached by Betsy Dutton
4th - Sterling Sierra Emery and William Weiner Coached by Betsy Dutton