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KSHSAA Regulations During the Summer

This is an attempt to answer some questions concerning what coaches may or may not do under the summer coaching rule. These regulations apply to all athletic activities sponsored by the KSHSAA.

Students are considered part of the high school program immediately upon graduation from junior high or middle school. Students are considered a member of the middle/junior high school program immediately after being promoted to the 7th grade.

Defined as the Saturday before Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Important Dates for 2019 – KSHSAA Handbook Rule 10-1-6
Beginning May 25 through July 21 coaches may coach teams in non-school competitions and/or conduct workouts or practices. Beginning May 26 until July 20 coaches may conduct a “one-week coach’s team camp.” Only students enrolled at the school may attend the “coach’s one-week team camp.” No “coaches’ one-week team camps” may take place after July 20 in any sport. KSHSAA catastrophic insurance does not cover a “coach’s one week team camp”.

July 1-July 7, 2019 is the summer moratorium. There shall be NO school related athletic activities. During this time coaches (licensed teacher coaches and coach aides employed by member schools) shall be prohibited from engaging in any type of activity involving student athletes whether it be practice, training, weight lifting, conditioning, competition or travel. All member school athletic facilities will be closed during this period to school personnel and students grades 7-12. If member school athletic facilities also serve as non-school community recreation facilities, these facilities may remain open during the moratorium so long as no school teams are playing and no school coaches are coaching the teams/individuals. During this one week dead period, students may attend camps or competitions but may not do so with their school coaches. This moratorium does not impact fine arts or spirit activities. Click here for interpretations

Beginning July 22 through August 3 basketball coaches are restricted to working with no more than 3 students who initiate a request for individual help/coaching instruction from their coach. Basketball coaches may no longer coach their players in leagues/tournaments. Coaches may supervise an open gym, but no sport-specific instruction may be given.

Beginning July 22 through August 3 football coaches are restricted to working with no more than 5 for 8- man football and 6 for 11-man football when those students initiate a request for individual help/coaching instruction from their coach. Football coaches may no longer coach their players in leagues/tournaments. Coaches may supervise an open gym, but no sport-specific instruction may be given.

Beginning July 22 through August 3 volleyball coaches are restricted to working with no more than 4 students who initiate a request for individual help/coaching instruction from their coach. Volleyball coaches may no longer coach their players in leagues/tournaments. Coaches may supervise an open gym, but no sport-specific instruction may be given.

August 4 through August 18 volleyball, basketball and football coaches may only participate with their athletes in weight lifting and non-sport-specific conditioning. During this two-week period, no other coaching or instruction is permitted by volleyball, football and basketball coaches.

Through Labor Day, coaches in other sports may continue coaching their summer teams, even if that team has potential members of their school team. No coach’s one-week team camp may take place after July 20. Coaches cannot have school team practices or conditioning specific to a single sport. School weight lifting and non-sport-specific conditioning, available for all students in a school, may continue through August 17, 2019. Fall sports practices begin August 19, 2019.

Football Helmets & Shoulder Pads
Member school football coaches may not conduct/sponsor a contact football camp. Shoulder pads may not be used during summer workouts/practices. With approval by the school district, school-owned football helmets may be used during the school coach’s one-week team camp. The school district must approve the use of helmet/shoulder pads by players at college or other summer camps. (These camps may not be sponsored by the school employed coaches.)

Fundraising to Pay for Athletic Camps
If students wish to fundraise to pay for summer athletic camps, clinics or tournaments, they may not do so at school-sponsored events. When soliciting money they must represent themselves as an individual(s), not as a school team. Any money collected for the purpose of paying for summer camps, clinics or tournament entries must not be deposited and run through a school account. Schools/booster clubs cannot be involved in funding these activities or distributing the money. Booster clubs, individuals and school or charitable foundations are considered the same as member schools in this regard.

Insurance Coverage
The KSHSAA catastrophic and liability insurance policy does not cover these summer activities. Each coach is responsible for securing insurance for their camps, clinics, workouts or practices. Coaches should visit with their school administration about whether the school’s insurance policy extends to these activities as they are not “school programs” but rather coach programs. The KSHSAA catastrophic insurance does not cover these camps.

Pick-Up Games
May a coach invite other groups of kids from other schools to their facility to play “pick-up” games? Yes, but no school uniforms may be used and facilities must be rented/leased per board policy. School owned transportation may be used provided it is approved by the school district administration. KSHSAA catastrophic insurance does not cover these activities.

School Uniforms/Team Equipment
School-owned uniforms, practice gear, shoulder pads and other individual player equipment cannot be used for coaches’ one-week summer camps, other camps, clinics, tournaments or gatherings of teams at schools to play games or scrimmage. Team equipment such as balls, blocking dummies and toss backs, etc., may be used provided use is approved by the school district.

School Facilities
School facilities may be used provided the school district has approved the use of the facility and the proper rental/lease agreements have been approved. Remember – these workouts, practices, camps and clinics are the coach’s, not the school’s.

Standard Calendar Week (SCW)
The KSHSAA numbers weeks in conjunction with the NFHS. Standard Calendar Week #1 will always be the first full week in July. A standard calendar week runs Sunday through Saturday.

Squad Limits
During the summer period, students may play on teams which include any number of students from their same school squad. There are no roster limitations on students from the Saturday before Memorial Day until the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Transportation (new summer 2015)
School districts may permit school owned transportation to be used to transport students to athletic summer camps, clinics, workouts or scrimmages with other schools. KSHSAA catastrophic insurance does not cover these summer activities. Individual school districts will decide whether to permit school owned transportation to be used for these activities.

Coaches' One-Week Summer Camps (Rule 30-1-6):

Article 6: No school-organized spring or summer practice or school-organized summer camps shall be permitted (see Rule 20-1-1e, Awards).

 A. A coach may organize and administer a one-week (per sport) camp for his/her players only, provided the following guidelines are met:

  1. The school shall not be involved other than to approve the use of facilities, use of football helmets, dates and to be assured by the coach there will be no violations of KSHSAA rules and/or regulations.
  2. It shall be conducted following the Saturday before Memorial Day and conclude before Sunday of Standardized Calendar Week #3.
  3. Member schools, the coaches and coaches’ aides they employ may not conduct contact football camps.
  4. School uniforms or player equipment (with the exception of helmets during the coach’s one-week team football camp) may not be used. If school facilities (gymnasiums, fields, balls, mats, etc.) are used, the coach must lease them per board of education policy.
  5. Use of school-owned football helmets at the school coach’s non-contact one-week camp is permitted if approved by the local Board of Education (Rule 30-1-6(4)a).
  6. No coach or other school representative may require or, by implication, direct a student to attend a sports camp as a condition of team membership the following year.
  7. A student shall not receive pay or expenses for working at a camp involving a sport in which he/she participates.
  8. The camp program shall not include any type of competition with teams of another camp.
  9. All school coaches may hold only voluntary weight training and conditioning beginning Sunday of SCW #5 through and including Sunday of SCW #7. No school team practices shall be permitted until Monday of SCW #7.

Questions Regarding the Coach's One-Week Camp:

1) 1) Does the KSHSAA Catastrophic Insurance cover the athlete, coach and/or school during these camps?
NO. It will be the responsibility of the coach and/or athlete to provide insurance.

2) Does the week have to be consecutive days?
YES, the camp must be confined to a single calendar week, maximum of seven (7) days.

3) What is the latest date a camp must end?
Before Sunday of SCW #3. The camps may be held on Saturday of SCW #2. The calendar date may change from year to year but the SCW (Standardized Calendar Week) reference remains the same.

4) May a coach charge for the camp?
That is a matter left up to the coach. Schools and/or booster clubs may NOT pay a student's camp fee.

5) May a school booster club help finance either the coach's camp or provide financial assistance to a student wanting to attend a camp?
NO, a booster club is synonymous with a school.

6) May a coach include attendance at their camp as a condition for lettering, or to determine starting positions on the team?
NO, attendance at all camps must be on a voluntary basis. A coach may not directly, or by implication, require a student to attend their camp.

7) May a coach use another coach (college coach; from another middle/junior high or high school) to help at the coach’s one-week summer camp?
YES, this is the coach's camp. They may have other coaches or individuals assist at their camp.

8) There are 5 football coaches at our school. May each coach have their own one-week football camp?
NO. Only one camp per sport is allowed. ALL KSHSAA member school coaches may work with their athletes during the summer. However, there are some limits on the number of students that the coach may work with beginning on Sunday of SCW #3 through Saturday of SCW #4 (4 in volleyball, 3 in basketball, 5 in 8-man football schools and 6 in 11-man football schools).

9) Should the “assurances” as listed in KSHSAA Rule 30-1-6a (1-7) by the coach be in written form?
This is a matter to be determined by the local school.

10) May the coach have their camp at a site other than their school?
YES, but all provisions pertaining to these camps apply wherever they are held. Coaches are encouraged to minimize the cost of camps.

11) Can the camp permit scrimmages?
NO. Competition with other camps is prohibited. Intra-squad scrimmage within the camp is allowed.

12) May the camp use the school's team equipment (balls, dummies, rebounder, pitching machine, wrestling mats)?
YES, team equipment may be used. School uniforms or player equipment may not be used. Exception: Use of school-owned football helmets at the school coach’s non-contact one-week camp is permitted if approved by the local Board of Education but not individual player equipment (pads, etc.).

13) May the school compensate the coach either directly or indirectly for holding the camp?
NO, if the school compensated the coach it would then be the school's camp and not the coach's camp.

14) Who may attend the coach's one-week camp?
Only those students who have attended or are presently enrolled at the school which employs the coach may attend that coach's camp.

15) If a student attended a camp and subsequently transferred to another school, would that be a violation of the rule?
NO, a coach may only have a camp for his/her athletes. If the student was enrolled at the school that coach was employed by at the time the camp was held, even if the student later transferred, that student could attend that camp.

16) A student moved into an area during the summer months and has not yet enrolled at any school. Several coaches in the area are conducting one-week summer camps. Which camp(s) may this student attend?
The student may attend only the camp conducted by the coach of the school in which he/she is enrolled or pre-enrolled.

17) May a student who has graduated from the middle/junior high school attend a camp offered by a high school coach and another camp offered by the junior high school coach?
When a student is promoted from the middle/junior high school, they become a high school student and would only be permitted to attend the camp offered by the high school coach.

18) The girls’ basketball coach at the high school is also the boys’ basketball coach at the junior high school. When they conduct their one-week summer basketball camp, may girls from the high school and boys from the junior high attend the same camp?
NO, the camp must be available to students from a single group or team. The coach could conduct a one-week camp for the high school girls and the following week for the junior high boys, or could conduct a one-week camp for the high school girls from 9 a.m. to noon and a one-week camp for the junior high boys from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. (for example), but the two camps could not be conducted at the same time.

19) The high school girls’ basketball coach is also the junior high girls’ basketball coach. During the one-week junior high camp may girls from the high school come to the junior high camp to demonstrate drills, or serve as clinicians for the junior high camp?
YES, provided the camps occur during the same one-week period and both camps are administered by the same coach; otherwise, no.

20) Could the high school football coach and the high school volleyball coach from the same school combine their two camps by having their camps during the same week or conducted at the same time?

21) Are their stipulations or restrictions on how many hours a day the camp may last?

22) May the coach provide a T-shirt to those students attending the camp?
YES, as part of the camp registration, but not as an award. The shirt may not identify the camp as the school's camp since the camp is the responsibility of the coach.

23) May the coach provide “awards” to those students attending the camp?
The only awards that could be provided would have to be in compliance with the provisions of KSHSAA Awards Rule 20. The coach’s camp would be governed by the provisions of Article 3: Outside Agencies?Non-School Participation.

24) May a school refuse to lease their facilities to a coach for use during the one-week summer camp?
YES. The school will make the final determination regarding leasing of their facilities.

Questions Regarding Camps Other Than the Coach's Team Camp

1) During a summer camp there is a team period, or competition between teams. During this team period, or during competition between teams, may a school coach meet with campers from his/her school as a group or coach a team that includes athletes they would coach during the following school year?
Yes. Provided the camp occurs prior to Saturday of SCW #2, coaches may coach a team which includes athletes from the team they would coach during the school season.

2) A school coach is on the staff at a summer camp that will be conducted during SCW #3 and/or SCW #4. May the school coach participate in this camp as a presenter/clinician?
Yes. BUT the coach may not be involved in a team period, or in coaching in competition any students they would coach during the following school year.

3) When does a coach/coaches aide become subject to KSHSAA rules/provisions?
KSHSAA rules/provisions apply when a person is either under coaching contract to a school or has an understanding they will coach at the school.

4) Do KSHSAA rules/provisions apply to only the head coach or to all coaches, including coach aides?
These provisions apply to all coaches, which includes the head coach, assistant coaches and coach aides.

5) Do the same rules apply in all sports?
The rules regarding the coaches’ one-week camps are uniform for all sports. Football, volleyball and basketball coaches have restricted contact with their athletes during SCW # 3 and #4 (when students request assistance and in groups of 3 or less (basketball), 4 or less (volleyball), 5 or less (8-man football) and 6 or less (11-man football).

6) May a school provide transportation from their school for students wanting to attend a summer camp?
The local school district administration can determine if school owned transportation can be used.

7) May the coach tell students which camps he/she wants them to attend?
NO, attendance at camps must be voluntary on the part of the student.

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