Weekly Announcements


Stroke and Distance
The previous announcement provided a local rule for adoption for stroke and distance if the ball is lost or out of bounds. While that will go into effect 2019, you may choose to adopt the local rule during the regular season. For the postseason we will only adopt the two new rules that were adopted in the golf manual. See the first week's announcements and the manual.

There are going to be a number of rules the coaches will need to look at in 2019 like double par allowance in postseason. Look forward to the discussion.

Update on Regionals
Remember this year is going to be quite different in regards to classifications for girls golf. The breakdown is 6A - 36, 5A - 36, 4A - 40% of remaining, 3-2-1A - 60% of remaining.

Because of this there could be a higher chance that the pre-selected host for regionals could change. We will do our best to keep it at the same course but the host school would certainly change.

The golf classifications should be available the last week of September.

Private Instruction
A student during the season may attend private one on one instruction outside of the school coach. This can be instruction only; no competition.

USGA Rule of the Week
Question: In stroke play, a competitor suggests to a fellow-competitor, whose ball lies in a very difficult spot, that she deems her ball unplayable. What is the ruling?

  1. There is no penalty.
  2. There is no penalty if the fellow-competitor plays his ball as it lies.
  3. The competitor incurs a two-stroke penalty. (correct)

Explanation: The competitor's suggestion is considered advice under the Rules because it could have influenced the fellow-competitor in determining his play. Thus, he incurs a two-stroke penalty. The competitor's suggestion did not constitute information on the Rules, which would not be considered advice.

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