Weekly Announcements


Regional Assignments
Regional assignments for girl's golf are now posted.

Marker Availability
Reminder: You may be asked to provide a marker at regionals. Regional hosts will be asked to inform you ahead of time but not all cases are predictable the day of.

Regional Entries
Girls regional gold entries are due online Thursday, October 4th.

State Site Information
As you look ahead to state golf be sure to check out the state page for your classification. There you can find practice round availability, pricing, meal plans and other hotel and restaurant information. Some courses have secured special rates and pricing for hotels and restaurants.

State Pairings
6A, 5A and 4A will be paired by qualifying team. One new thing this year by the request of the golf coaches committee is that qualifying teams will paired based on how they entered in their regional entries. Prior to they were put in by how they finished in the regionals. Reason being, if your number three golfer won the regional but your number should tee off last at state that will now happen.

USGA Rule of the Week
Question: Which is permitted by the Rules?

  • A) Putting with a golf ball held in the hand against the grip to assist in putting.
  • B) Using adhesive tape on a golf glove to prevent wear or to prevent slipping. (correct)
  • Explanation: Applying tape to prevent wear or to prevent slipping is not a breach of the Rules as addressed in Decision 14-3/8.

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