Weekly Announcements


Boys Soccer Regional Seeding Meetings for 6A, 5A, and 4-1A will be held in the morning on Saturday, October 20th for the Northeast (EAST) at Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest High School and for the Central/South Central (WEST) at Wichita Northwest High School. Please be on the lookout for information regarding these meetings from the Chairpersons: EAST = Mike Rasmussen and WEST = Lance Deckinger. Additionally, information about regionals and quarterfinals including seeding criteria can be found on pages 19-21 of the 2018-19 Soccer Manual. Tournament brackets and current standings can be found on the KSHSAA Website. Higher seeded teams will host throughout the regional and quarterfinal soccer tournaments and will be the home teams for uniform purposes.

Please remember there are four criteria that must be present for a DOGSO situation to exist; it is not just a "last defender" situation as is often chanted by the crowd or recited by players and coaches. Thus far, there have only been 6 Red Cards involving a DOGSO situation out of the 69 total Red Cards given this season. The four criteria that must be present for a DOGSO situation to exist are as follows:

  • Distance between the offense and the goal (the offense must be near the goal).
  • General direction of play (the attacking players are generally headed towards the goal).
  • Likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ball (the player must have or be able to get control of the ball in order to score).
  • Location and number of defenders (not more than one defender between the attacking player and the goal, not counting the player that committed the foul and the defenders must be able to challenge the attacking player).

With post season rapidly approaching, please remember to report scores after each game during the regular season. To do so, log in as a coach or administrator on the KSHSAA Website. Click on "Activities". Under the Soccer Tab, click on the "Boys Win/Loss Report", and enter your game score. This information is needed for post season tournament seeding purposes, and all scores must be submitted prior to the Regional Seeding Meetings on October 20th. Schools can follow current standings by going to the KSHSAA Soccer Website and clicking on "Boys Standings" located on the right-hand side.

Schools may submit recommendations for officials online for the KSHSAA Soccer Post Season Games October 10-17. To submit recommendations, login to the KSHSAA Website with your administrator password. In the Entry Forms section click on October. To submit Boys Soccer Officials, select the SC-1 Form and select between 5-10 officials. Only schools participating in soccer should submit recommendations. Please select officials you have observed over the past two years you feel should be considered for a post season assignment. Only officials who have met all of the requirements and are eligible for a post season assignment will be available for you to choose from. For Cooperative Teams, only one school should submit the recommendations (the school who provides the coach who took the online rules meeting and exam).

Players, coaches, and game officials must use appropriate language and refrain from insulting, offensive and/or abusive language and gestures. Behavior on the field should be consistent with athletics as an extension of the classroom. (Rule 12-8-1d and 12-8-2f)

There cannot be enough reminders about good behavior. Often, poor behavior starts with poor language. So, at the first sign of poor language, administrators, security, officials, and coaches can ask for improved behavior. It should be a collective team effort by all. Take whatever steps necessary, including removal, to make sure the unwanted behavior does not continue.

Officials are reminded that they are not part of the removal process, they need to ask administrators and security to handle the removal or banishment of coaches or fans. Players or other bench personnel not demonstrating good behavior should be shown cards as dictated by the rules.

Observe and verify the person or persons have left the "sight and sound" of the field, but don’t get personally involved. If it is a player who has been shown the card, he or she is restricted to the team area for substitutes and should be the responsibility of the team’s coach.

Kansas averages about 100 Red Cards a year with about 70% of them being inappropriate language. The KSHSAA with the support of Kansas coaches and officials needs to make this a top priority and work hard to reduce this number. This season there have already been 69 Red Cards given, and 48 have been for inappropriate language and behavior (taunting, dissent, serious foul play, and violent conduct).

As we begin the last two weeks of the regular season and head into post season play, we need to reemphasize athletics and activities are a privilege not a right and are an extension of the classroom. Correct behavior is expected and inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated.

Together Everyone Achieves More! TEAM Effort!

Yes, officials are human just like everyone else, and therefore, they are not perfect. However, they are to be respected and must maintain control of the game. Does it really help to dissent, degrade, insult, use inappropriate language, taunt, and/or touch, grab, or push an official? So far during the boys’ soccer season, 70% of all Red Cards are due to inappropriate language and behavior. This is inexcusable and correctable. Communication is key. Teach and model your expectations. Address and communicate the reasons for a penalty. We are all human, and thus, we tend to give chance after chance after chance; whereas, maybe giving the Yellow or Red Card right away sets a better tone, and everyone knows what’s expected. Finally, educate and learn. Everyone associated with high school soccer should know the rules. Do you? Bottom line, we are all passionate about doing our best and enjoy the game of soccer, so let’s have fun and truly embrace this wonderful opportunity. Think before you speak or act. Be appreciative. Be thankful. Be a good sport. Listen. Be the best person you can be. Applaud and praise great plays. Be respectful and kind.