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Regional Seeding
Regional seeding day for Classes 2-1A, 3A, 4A-D2, 4A-DI is Wednesday, May 10. Schools should report their record as of 10:00 AM on Wednesday to their regional manager. Class 5A and 6A will have regional seeding meetings on Saturday, May 13. A coach or administrator should plan to attend these meetings if you will be hosting. Games played after the seeding day will be included on the record if a team qualifies for the state tournament.

Coaches - Umpire Recommendations due May 3-10
Coaches you should meet with your school Athletic Director and submit your recommendations of 8 umpires you feel should be considered for State tournament selection. This is an on-line form and must be submitted by the school administrator by May 10. Recommend umpires you have observed during the past two years. Only umpires who have made themselves post-season eligible will be listed for schools to choose from.

Win-Loss Record Form Due
All schools must submit SFB-3 by May 15. This form is completed online by the school administrator and lists all the games played and the final score for each game. All schools, whether they qualify for the state tournament or not must complete this form.

Pitching Position
Even this late in the year we still have misunderstanding about NFHS pitching rules and confuse them with other levels. When games are using NFHS rules pitchers may start with one or both feet on the pitching plate. Here are a few reminders:

  • A pitcher cannot take the pitching position on or near the pitcher's plate without having possession of the ball.
  • A pitcher's shoulders must be in line with 1st and 3rd bases.
  • The starting position for the pitcher requires the pivot foot be on or partially on the top of the pitcher’s plate; and the non-pivot foot in contact with or behind the pitcher's plate.
  • Pitchers must take (or simulate taking) signals from the catcher with their hands separated. The pivot foot must be on or partially on the pitcher's plate and the non-pivot foot in contact with or behind the pitcher's plate.
  • The pitcher must bring the hands together in front of the body (one time only) for not less than one second and not more than 10 seconds before releasing the ball.
  • The pitcher can remover herself from the pitching position before bringing her hands together by stepping back from the pitcher's plate with both feet.
  • The pitcher can also remove herself from the pitching position when the hands are together and no part of the windup has been made by stepping back from the pitcher’s plate with both feet.
  • Either foot can be removed first from the pitcher's plate.
  • Both feet must start within or partially within the 24 inch length of the pitching plate. As the pitcher winds up and delivers the pitch, the stride foot and the pivot foot must remain in or partially within the pitching plate.

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