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Season Starts March 16
March 16 marked the first day of competition for high school softball. While a member of the school team a student may not play or practice on a non-school team. While some summer teams may be having tryouts during the spring, until a student is no longer a member of the school team, they may not tryout, practice or play with the summer non-school team.

Regional Assignments
Regional assignments will be posted by April 1. Managers will be contacting schools about possible playing dates May 15, 16, 17, 18 with the 19th being the rain date. Regional assignments are based on geography once a host site can be determined.

Equipment Must Be Available Outside Dugout for Inspection
New this year all bats, batting helmets and player equipment must be placed outside the dugout for umpires to check prior to the start of each contest. Coaches are required to have a list of Non-approved bats available for umpires. Umpires will check bats to make sure they have the authenticating mark and also make sure they do not have nicks, chips or cracks. Batting helmets and catchers helmets will be checked for cracks, missing screws or other safety issues. It is primarily the responsibility of the coach to make sure all equipment used is legal and safe.

Coaches May NOT sit outside dugout
Coaches may not sit on a bucket or stand outside the dugout while their team is at bat. For several years a point of emphasis has been that coaches are not permitted to sit outside of the dugout, this is a safety issue. Coaches and players are to be in the dugout during play. Rule 3-6-6 states “Only the batter, runner(s), on-deck batter, coaches in the coaches box, bat/ball shaggers or one of the nine players on defense are permitted to be outside the designated dugout/bench or designated warm-up areas.” NOTE: Bench personnel are permitted to engage in throwing and running activities during the one minute designated for the pitcher to throw her five warm-up pitches at the beginning of each half inning.

ASA Bat List Information
All coaches are to provide an updated list of non-approved bats prior to the contest so umpires can check for illegal bats. Because there are new bats being added frequently, coaches must check this list each week to make sure they have the most updated list.

Players are not to be allowed to use any bat that does not have the 2000 or 2004 ASA certification mark or list listed on the approved bat list. The bat may also not be listed on the ASA non-approved bat list. This list is available at

Coach and Umpire Test Results
Coaches and umpires may log on to coach or official website and see their scores from NFHS Test I. The rule references for each question are also posted so coaches and umpires can review any questions missed. [Continue]

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