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ASA Bat List Information
Umpires are no longer required to check bats or equipment prior to the contest. Coaches are responsible for making sure that players are legally equipped and that only legal bats are being used. Coaches can find the legal bat list on the USA softball website - The site shows a list of legal bats as well as a list of bats that were at one time approved and had the ASA 2000 or 2004 mark, but have since been found to be illegal. Coaches are responsible to make sure all bats are legal.

If used the DP/FLEX must be made know to the umpires and opposing coach prior to the start of the game. The DP is listed as one of the 9 hitters in the batting order. The DP is batting for the FLEX and they are placed in the 10th position on the line up card and will not bat. The substitution rule applies to the DP and the FLEX just as it does any other starter. They have one re-entry.

  • If the FLEX bats the DP the DP has left the game and may re-enter one time.
  • If the DP gets on base and the FLEX runs for them the DP has left the game and may re-enter one time.
  • Legal substitutes may replace the DP at any time – but then DP like any starter has left the game and has one re-entry.
  • A legal substitute may replace the FLEX at any time – but then the FLEX has left the game and has one re-entry.
  • The DP may play defense at any position.
  • A team may go from 10 to 9 players any number of times provided they do not violate the substitution rule.
  • It is an illegal substitution if the flex goes in to bat for anyone but the DP.
  • The DP and FLEX only have one re-entry like other positions if they leave the game.

Jewelry is not permitted
This includes no earrings, no plastic loops can be placed in the holes. It also includes the plastic or rubber wristbands. I have seen several of these being worn during contests. They must be removed. There is no rule prohibiting glitter eye black, but if an umpire feels it is distracting they can request the player remove the glittered eye black.

Identification Cards
Umpires should provide coaches a card with their name and town on it prior to each contest so they know who the umpires are for each game. In many cases this is the only way coaches know who to recommend for post-season. Don’t assume they know you – or that they will remember who you were when they submit recommendations.

Bat Warmers/sleeves not permitted
Bat sleeves are not permitted during a contest. Rule 1-5-1b states bats shall not have exposed rivets, pins, rough or sharp edges or any form of exterior fastener that would present a hazard. Rule 1-5-3 indicates warm up bats used in the on-deck circle shall have all parts permanently and securely attached at the time of manufacture and at the time of use. In addition bat warmers like the PyroFlite Bat warmer are not permitted.

Umpire Mechanics
There is no substitute for hustle. Umpires are reminded they are to use the proper signals and get in the proper position to make calls. Review the proper NFHS softball signals in the Umpires manual page 566. Proper handling of any softball games demands each member of the umpire crew hustle at all times. In addition, the following three factors are essential to the success of any umpire: Judgment, Mechanics and technique, Knowledge of the rules.

Keep Players and Coaches in the Dugout
Players and coaches outside the dugout may not be paying close attention to what is going on during an at bat and even if they are paying attention, outside the dugout is much more dangerous than being within the dugout as the rule requires. Only the on-deck batter and coaches in the coaching box may be outside the dugout during a live ball. This rule applies to both baseball and softball.

Coaches - follow the rule, umpires make sure you enforce the rule and require everyone to be in the dugout, not standing or sitting outside on buckets.

Music Between Batters
It is permissible for a PA person to play music between innings prior to the first batter appearing. However, it is not permissible to play music between batters. Generally this is done only for the home team and is perceived as intimidation tactic or to be a distraction to the pitcher. No music is permitted between batters, only between innings or during a pitching change.

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