KSHSAA Student Health and Safety

Emergency Action Planning

ALL schools should have written emergency action plans in place for all activities and all venues where these activities take place. Coaches, administrators, school medical personnel and student participants all need to be aware of the EAP and all may have responsibilities in carrying out the EAP.

At minimum, an emergency action plan should address the following:

  • Identify the personnel involved in the emergency response and their responsibilities
  • Provide all necessary contact information
  • Identify ambulance emergency access to the venue
  • Identify severe weather shelter location(s)
  • Identify necessary emergency equipment and where the equipment is located
Below you will find several links to resources which can assist in developing or improving your emergency action plans. If you need to build an emergency action plan, you can use the KSHSAA EAP Template to assist you in the development.
Emergency action plans should be REVIEWED AND REHEARSED ANNUALLY (at minimum)!

Emergency Action Plan


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