Unified Bowling

Allowable Accommodations
Decisions made about accommodations that are allowed should align with the accommodations found in the athlete’s IEP or 504. For example, if an athlete is non-verbal and needs to use a device for communication, that device can be allowed in the settee during the meet. Other accommodations would include the use of headphones for sensory issues.

This is the first season and there is learning to be done. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions about Unified Bowling. Taylor Obersteadt from Special Olympics Kansas is also an excellent resource for our schools. Her email is obersteadtt@ksso.org.

Unified Bowling Regional Tournaments
Regional hosts and sites have been established. Tournaments will be held the week of November 8. Click for Regional Assignments.

Unified Bowling State Tournament
The site for the Unified Bowling State Championship has been set for Mission Bowl in Olathe, KS. The date is set for Thursday, November 18, 2021 and the host school is Shawnee Mission South.

Outside Competition Rule Adjustment
The KSHSAA should set aside components of Rule 22 Outside Competition to allow participants in Unified Bowling to concurrently participate in designated weekend tournaments during the fall 2021 Unified Bowling season without compromising their eligibility in Unified Bowling this school year.

Those designated tournaments include the following:
· October 16 - Heart of America, Kansas City, MO
· October 23 – Rex Heffley, Hutchinson (The Alley)
· November 7 – KCO, Leavenworth (Crown Lanes)
· November 6, 13 – Kansas State Youth Championship, Lawrence (Royal Crest)

Additional tournaments would be considered by KSHSAA administration if they are of state-wide impact. This exception is not intended to include on-going league play.

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