I hereby agree to abide by rules and regulations as determined by the Executive Board and to cooperate with the KSHSAA in every way. I certify that I:  
  1.   Agree to be bound by the applicable provisions of Rule 11 of the KSHSAA Handbook and any amendments thereto as shown below;
Rule 11
Section 1: General Regulations (apply to grades 7-12)
Art. 1:   Those persons registered as athletic officials shall conduct themselves appropriately and in the concepts of good sportsmanship and the philosophy of the KSHSAA. Failure to do so may result in the official’s registration being suspended or revoked.
    Suspension and revocation procedures will be established by the Executive Board.
Art. 2:   The official must agree to meet all requirements established by the Executive Board.
Art. 3:   Each official must pay a registration fee which is determined by the Executive Board.
Art. 4:   Host school administrators and coaches are not authorized to employ officials without the approval of their opponents.
Art. 5:   The use of contracts between officials and the host school is strongly recommended for the protection of both parties.
Section 2: Senior High Regulations
Art. 1:   Member high schools shall use officials registered with the KSHSAA in the following varsity sports: boys’ fall soccer, girls’ spring soccer, girls’ volleyball, boys’ football, girls’ gymnastics, boys’ wrestling, girls’ and boys’ basketball, boys’ baseball and girls’ softball.
    NOTE: It is recommended that registered officials be used for non-varsity competition.
Section 3: Middle/Junior High School Regulations
Art. 1:   It is recommended that all middle/junior high schools use KSHSAA registered officials for all sports.
  2.   Am not presently subject to a suspension or revocation of my ability to act as an athletic official at the high school level in Kansas or another state; and  
  3.   Have not been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony within the last five (5) years.  
  If item (2) and/or item (3) are NOT true, you may NOT use this online registration system. Please call (785) 273-5329 for more information.  
If you are interested in a Reciprocity Agreement, please call the KSHSAA office at (785) 273-5329
or email Melissa Thompson at mthompson@kshsaa.org.