KAY Klips


KAY Klips
October 2011

Montezuma-South Gray HS KAY Club held a bake sale on October 27th to raise money for the Samaritan’s Purse charity, “Clean Water for Thirsty Communities.” This completed the KAY’s Area Five Project, which was to bring attention to areas affected by drought. The first part of the project was giving away bottles of water to area farmers at a football game, with the message “We salute the Kansas farmer. Thank you for feeding the world. And here’s to the end of a long hot summer. May we never have another like it!”

There was a mini Santa’s workshop on the stage of the Rose Hill HS auditorium on October 26 as members of the KAY Club assembled gift packages. Conference week “Survival Packages” for teachers and staff and Halloween Trick or Treat bags filled with novelty items for kids in the pediatric ward of St. Francis Hospital were then delivered by KAY members on October 27th. The Club will also sponsor a Christmas Shoe Box project for boys and girls, giving small toys, socks, etc., that fill shoe boxes. Their energies will also be directed towards the Catholic Charities Harbor House and Toys for Tots program, and KAY Christmas Sno-ball Dance proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior program.

KAY Club members from Holcomb HS dressed in super hero costumes to fit the theme of “Boo! at the Zoo” as they handed out candy at Garden City’s Lee Richardson Zoo.

To show their support of breast cancer awareness month, El Dorado HS hosted their third annual Pink Night to raise money for the cause. The KAY Club asked students to wear pink clothing and accessories to school on October 7, and gave class points for participation. KAY sold white hats with pink ribbons. They also sold paper airplanes and held a contest to see who could fly their plane the farthest for a prize.