Mailings & Deadlines


Reports & Mailings

List of Regular Mailings & Approximate Dates

Aug. 1- Aug. 20

New school year material mailed to clubs when KSHSAA receives Form KAY-1 (see your principal for form) Mailing includes: letter, Handbook, online information, membership cards, KAY posters and brochures, etc.

September 15

Regional Conference information
• Invitation to serve as Officer Network speaker
• Area President nomination materials
• Goal Award Status
• Alloted conference delegates


Unit Conference information
• Citizenship Week Proclamation
• Holiday Greetings

March 1

KAY Leadership Camp materials
• Letter • State Track Program sales information
• Brochures • Camp scholarship information
• Posters

April 1

Spring Bulletin
• Regional & Unit Conference information
• Election Ideas
• Transition of Leadership
• End-of-year checklist

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive the above mailings within a reasonable time period, please contact the KAY State Office.

2020-2021 Deadline Dates for Registration and Reports

August 20

September 1

September 25


October 15

December 6-12


January 15

March 1

April 1

May 1

May 15


KAY-1: Participation in KAY (due to KSHSAA)

Final acceptance date for 2019-20 reports and materials to reach the KSHSAA.

Send acceptance for Regional Conference officer network speakers to the KSHSAA

KAY-2 - Deadline date for fees and registration cards to reach your Regional Conference host two weeks prior to conference (See KAY Calendar, Section 2 and Section 3, page 4 for deadline date.)

Membership/Goal Sheet + $2 per student member due to KSHSAA

KAY Citizenship Week

KAY-3 - Deadline date for Unit Conference fees and registration cards to reach your host two weeks prior to conference (See KAY Calendar, Section 2, page 8.)

Deadline date for Semester Report to reach the KSHSAA (See Section 8, Forms.)

Deadline date for submitting goal changes to the KSHSAA

Wanda May Vinson Scholarship applications and all letters of support MUST reach the KSHSAA, NOT LATER THAN THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY OF APRIL

Deadline date for KAY Leadership Camp fees and enrollment cards to reach the KSHSAA

Deadline date for:
* President’s Report
* Sponsor’s Report
* Point Reports
* Club Comments Reports
* KAY-4 (Camp Registration)

KAY Leadership Camp July 26-30, 2021—Rock Springs 4-H Center, Junction City