The last update up the year. Thank you to the coaches and thank you to the umpires that choose to work together for the students on the field.

Crew of Three Video
Umpires are encouraged to watch the Crew of Three video under the education tab after signing in to the KSHSAA website as an official. An email was sent about this. It will be key to making sure we are in the correct positions for the calls coming up next week.

Pregame Discussions
Umpires NEED to have a proper pregame discussion with their crew members before regional games start. Being on the same page is critical. Do not walk on the field without talking. No one is above working as a team.

Team Photo
Team photos of regional winners will be needed by Noon the following day after qualifying.

Covering the Rules of Softball
R1 attempts to steal second base. F2, upon receiving the pitch, throws a pop up to F6. F5 yells “get back, get back”. R1 thinks B2 has hit a pop-up and starts back to first base where R1 is tagged out. Ruling: This is verbal obstruction and the umpire should call “obstruction” and signal a delayed dead ball. The umpire will call time when R1 is tagged out and award R1 the base(s) R1 would have reached in the umpire’s judgement had there been no obstruction. (2-36, 5-1-3).

Scores and Schedules
Double check your scores and schedules on the KSHSAA website. When you record is done for seeding indicate as such on your win/loss report.

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Current Champions
Valley Center
Eskridge-Mission Valley

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