Girls Tennis
Kansas State High School Activities Association
Girls Regional Tennis Assignments
• The top 6 singles and top 6 doubles finishers at each regional tournament will qualify for state competition.

Based on the new classification system, schools participating in Girls Tennis in Classes 1-4A will be added together. 40% of these schools will participate in Class 4A tennis and the remaining 60% will be classified as 3-2-1A. For the 2018-2019 school year there are 75 schools in Girls Tennis Classes 1-4A. 40% = 30 schools (4A) and 60% = 45 (3-2-1A).
It is possible to be classified as a 3A school and participate in Class 4A tennis.
Friday, October 5 Only
DODGE CITY HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Preston Courts at Dodge City HS Courts, 2201 Ross Blvd, Dodge City - Shawn Steiner, Manager
Dodge City HS, Garden City HS, Haysville-Campus, Hutchinson HS, Liberal HS, Wichita-North HS, Wichita-South HS, Wichita-West HS
Friday, October 5 Only
OLATHE NORTHWEST HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Olathe-College Boulevard Activity Center Courts, 11031 S. Valley Pkwy, Olathe - Joe Gunderson & Tim Oberlhelman, Managers
Gardner-Edgerton HS, Olathe East HS, Olathe North HS, Olathe Northwest HS, Olathe South HS, Overland Park-Blue Valley HS, Overland Park-Blue Valley North HS, Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest HS, Overland Park-Blue Valley West HS
Friday, October 5 Only
SHAWNEE-MILL VALLEY HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Shawnee-Mill Valley HS Courts, 5900 Monticello Rd, Shawnee - Jerald VanRheen & Steve Bock, Managers
Lawrence HS, Leavenworth HS, Olathe West HS, Shawnee Mission East HS, Shawnee Mission North HS, Shawnee Mission Northwest HS, Shawnee Mission South HS, Shawnee Mission West HS, Shawnee-Mill Valley HS
Friday, October 5 Only
WICHITA-EAST HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Wichita-East HS Courts, 2301 E Douglas Ave, Wichita - Kevin Hartley & Kristin Kelley, Managers
Derby HS, Junction City HS, Lawrence-Free State HS, Manhattan HS, Topeka HS, Topeka-Washburn Rural HS, Wichita-East HS, Wichita-Southeast HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5
GODDARD-EISENHOWER HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Goddard-Eisenhower HS Courts, 1230 S. 167th St. W., Goddard - Eric Armstrong & Evan Manning, Managers
Arkansas City HS, Goddard HS, Goddard-Eisenhower HS, Maize HS, Maize South HS, Wichita-Bishop Carroll HS, Wichita-Kapaun Mt. Carmel HS, Wichita-Northwest HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5
LENEXA-ST. JAMES ACADEMY (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Overland Park-Indian Creek Tennis Courts Courts, 10308 Marty, Overland Park - Mark Huppe, Manager
Bonner Springs HS, De Soto HS, Kansas City-Sumner Academy, Lenexa-St. James Academy, Overland Park-Blue Valley Southwest HS, Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Pittsburg HS, Spring Hill HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5
TOPEKA WEST HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Topeka-Kossover Tennis Center Courts, 2501 SW Gage Blvd, Topeka - Richard Mariani & Kurt Davids, Managers
Emporia HS, Lansing HS, Salina-Central HS, Salina-South HS, Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights HS, Topeka West HS, Topeka-Highland Park HS, Topeka-Seaman HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5
VALLEY CENTER HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Valley Center HS Courts, 9600 N Meridian, Valley Center - Caleb Smith, Manager
Andover Central HS, Andover HS, Great Bend HS, Hays HS, McPherson HS, Newton HS, Valley Center HS, Wichita-Heights HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5
BUHLER HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Buhler HS Courts, 611 N Main, Buhler - Justin Seuser, Manager
Abilene HS, Buhler HS, Chapman HS, Clay Center Community HS, Concordia HS, Lindsborg-Smoky Valley HS, Nickerson HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5
INDEPENDENCE HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Independence-Ken Brown Tennis Courts Courts, 1500 N. 5th Street, Independence - Kurt Seiler, Manager
Altamont-Labette County HS, Chanute HS, Columbus HS, El Dorado HS, Independence HS, Iola HS, Parsons HS
SHAWNEE MISSION-BISHOP MIEGE HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Prairie Village-Harmon Park Tennis Complex Courts, 7727 Delmar, Prairie Village - Andrew Groene, Manager
Atchison HS, Baldwin HS, Fort Scott HS, Marysville HS, Ottawa HS, Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege HS, Topeka-Hayden HS, Wamego HS
Rescheduled to Friday, October 5 @ T.H. Vaughan Tennis Center, Winfield
WELLINGTON HS (Saturday, October 6, 2018) Winfield-T.H. Vaughan Tennis Center Courts, 1400 Mound St, Winfield - Luke Smith, Manager
Augusta HS, Pratt HS, Towanda-Circle HS, Ulysses HS, Wellington HS, Wichita Collegiate HS, Wichita-Trinity Academy, Winfield HS
CLASS 3-2-1A
Friday, October 5 Only
CIMARRON HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Garden City HS Courts, 2720 Buffalo Way Blvd., Garden City - Mike Schartz, Manager
Ashland HS, Cimarron HS, Coldwater-South Central HS, Ellinwood HS, Greensburg-Kiowa County HS, Larned HS, Lyons HS, Meade HS, Minneola HS, St. John-Hudson HS, Tribune-Greeley County HS
Friday, October 5 Only
CONWAY SPRINGS HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Conway Springs MS Courts, 112 N Cranmer, Conway Springs - Matt Biehler, Manager
Anthony/Harper-Chaparral HS, Conway Springs HS, Douglass HS, Haven HS, Hutchinson-Trinity Catholic HS, Kingman HS, Kiowa-South Barber HS, Neodesha HS, Pittsburg-St. Mary's Colgan HS, Wichita-Classical School Of Wichita, Wichita-The Independent HS
Friday, October 5 Only
HESSTON HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) Hesston HS Courts, 200 N Ridge Rd, Hesston - Clint Stoppel, Manager
Alma-Wabaunsee HS, Beloit HS, Hesston HS, Hiawatha HS, Hillsboro HS, McPherson-Elyria Christian HS, Perry-Lecompton HS, Prairie Village-Kansas City Christian HS, Sabetha HS, Salina-Sacred Heart HS, Shawnee-Maranatha Christian Academy, Sterling HS
WAKEENEY-TREGO COMMUNITY HS (Friday, October 5 & Saturday, October 6, 2018) WaKeeney-Trego Community HS Courts, 1200 Russell Ave, WaKeeney - Jeremy Samson, Manager
Claflin-Central Plains HS, Colby HS, Ellsworth HS, Hoisington HS, Norton Community HS, Osborne HS, Phillipsburg HS, Russell HS, Scott Community HS, Victoria HS, WaKeeney-Trego Community HS