Basketball Pregame


Team Introductions
No center court team gatherings, celebrations, “mosh pit” activities shall be permitted, either at the conclusion of a warm-up period and/or prior to, during or following introduction of team members. Teams choosing to have such gatherings shall do so in the area of the free throw circle and lane directly in front of their team bench. Game officials “shall assess either an individual technical foul or a team technical foul when the above actions take place in the center court area.”

Artificial Noisemakers
Bands are not to play (including the beating of drums), artificial noisemakers (including megaphones, cow bells, thundersticks, airhorns, sirens, etc.) are not to be used while the game is in progress!!! They may play or be used during charged time-outs or intermissions only.

Only authorized cheerleaders are permitted on the floor and may have a run-through for the players as they are being introduced. All spectators must be off the playing court. Any students lined up outside of the court may only be on the half of the court their team is being introduced. This prevents possible confrontations and sportsmanship challenges by keeping visiting players away from the home students supporting their team along the sideline during introductions. All non-cheerleaders must stay off the playing court at all times.

Dunking During Pre-game
Dunking is defined in the NFHS Basketball Rule Book as “Dunking or stuffing is the driving, forcing, pushing or attempting to force a ball through the basket with the hand(s).” A player does not have to touch the rim for it to be considered a dunk. The Basketball Manual specifically addresses that players are not to dunk during warm-up periods and it is the responsibility of the administration and coaches to ensure this does not happen. Once the officials take the floor for pre-game (approximately 15 minutes prior) they are to assess a technical foul to any player who dunks the ball. An indirect technical would also be assessed to the head coach. Prior to this time and during the warm-up at half-time of an earlier game it is the responsibility of the administration and coaches to ensure this doesn’t happen.