Weekly Announcements - Week 5

Bowling Ball Limit
Participants shall be limited to no more than two bowling balls at any one time on the ball return. Equipment changes will be allowed. All bowling balls must adhere to USBC rules for weight and hardness and be in compliance with these terms and conditions.

Competition Area
Only bowlers who are in the lineup and are currently competing are allowed in the settee area. If space is available in the settee area, opposite gender bowlers from the competing school will be allowed to be seated in this area.

During tenpins bowling, coaches and non-playing bowlers shall remain seated in the settee area during competition. Excessive standing in the settee area by coaches or bowlers during tenpins bowling is not permitted.

During Baker bowling, coaches and bowlers shall be allowed to stand in the settee area and at the back of the approach. Non-playing bowlers and managers will not be allowed to stand in this area.

Pace of Play
Coaches need to be aware of their athletes and the pace of play during bowling meets. This is not intended to rush any bowler but if bowlers are sitting and not ready to bowl when it is their turn, this increases the length of meets and causes some schools to wait much longer for final results before getting back on the road to home. Let’s be respectful of the game and the bowlers.

Lane Assignments
Due to the increasing number of Covid cases, schools have asked if when hosting a bowling meet if schools can bowl together rather than with other schools. This was the practice put in place during the 2021 bowling season. It is a local decision and of course, if a school wants to group schools together for their meets, this can be done. Once we get to Regionals and State, we will go to lane assignments.

Regional Bowling Assignments
The Regional Bowling assignments have been posted to the KSHSAA website. These tournaments will be held during the week of February 21-26. The link to this information is here.

2022 State Bowling Tournament
Thursday, March 3 - Class 6A: Competition for girls and boys in Class 6A will take place on Thursday, March 3. The boys tournament will be held in the morning followed by the girls tournament in the afternoon.

Friday, March 4 - Class 5-1A: Competition for girls and boys in Class 5-1A will take place on Friday, March 4. The boys tournament will be held in the morning followed by the girls tournament in the afternoon.


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Current Boys Champions Current Girls Champions
Wichita-Kapaun Mount Carmel
Wichita-Bishop Carroll

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[Previous State Champions]

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