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Week 6 - September 11, 2023

Two Clarifications on Uniforms Rule 3 Section 3 (Page 11)
Both situations below would fall under ‘improper uniform’, that the Chief Judge would deduct from the average at the end. This is 0.2 deduction.

  • Fitted Shorts
    • Rule 3.3.1 A single partial/whole manufacturer’s logo/trademark (no more than 2 ¼ square inches in size with no dimension exceeding 2 ¼ inches) is permitted on the top and bottom or one-piece uniform
      (#2 under this) Unitard, ankle-length leggings, tights or fitted shorts (black, solid matching color or leotard, or skin colored) may be worn with the leotard

The issue with that have occurred:
Some of the gymnasts that are wearing fitted shorts have logos or company names on them showing. Since this is part of the uniform, gymnasts should follow the rule dealing with trademarks on the uniform. This includes the waistband. Several gymnasts are showing the trademark name on the waistband which violates the rules above.

Ruling – If a gymnast has on fitted shorts over the leotards and the name of the company is showing, the gymnast will have 0.2 deducted from her average score for that event. This is an area that cannot be inquired on.
John’s Comment:

Since this is a new rule within the rule book, I felt it was important that we address this quickly, so we do not have an incident at league meets or at the state meet. We are not out to penalize any gymnast intentionally, but if this is spotted, the judge has the right to take the deduction. I would look at the shorts carefully. Several girls had this issue at the North Invitational. This probably did not affect the top 3 places there. However, it might make a difference in qualifying for state or placing later. This is more of a friendly warning and know it can be applied.

  • Jewelry
    • Rule 3.3.4 Jewelry shall not be worn in competition
      • Medical alert medals are not considered jewelry and shall be taped to the body and the alert may be visible
      • Religious medals are not considered jewelry and shall be taped to the body
    • Situations & Rules (Page 12) Under this area there is a 3.3.4 Situation. The last line there reads
      Additionally, jewelry may not be covered with tape to hide its appearance.
      The issues with that have occurred:
      • a. Some gymnasts have put tape or Band-Aids over the jewelry to hide them.
      • b. We have some gymnasts have earrings or studs in their ears
      • c. We have some gymnasts who have necklaces, bracelets, or ankle bracelets as jewelry on during competition.

Ruling – Since any of these violates the rule above the 0.2 deduction off the gymnast’s average score will be taken. This is one of those areas that cannot be inquired on.
John’s Comment:

We are not out looking for these this necessarily, but it a judge sees these things, they have the right to deduct the 0.2. I would encourage your gymnasts not to have these things on, so there are no problems. Some have been worried that new pierced holes will close up; my suggestion is to have them take it out right before they compete, then put it back in, afterwards, if they are that worried. Coaches you will need to have this talk with your girls.

Gymnastics Results
All schools hosting a gymnastics event will be required to send the KSHSAA and other attending schools their meet results no later than 24 hours after the meet has concluded. School coaches are responsible for entering results for their athletes using their login and passwords. If you need assistance, please let Kathleen know at

Here is a link to the directions for entering this information. This is no longer completed at the KSHSAA office, it is the responsibility of the coach. Thank you for your attention to this request.

Team Pictures
October 2 will be here before we know it and that is when team pictures are due to the KSHSAA for the state program. Please get those pictures taken and sent to Kathleen Sulzen-Watson ( as soon as possible.




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