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September 8, 2022

With early season tournaments taking place, be aware of KSHSAA RULE 38-2-5:
No player may participate in more than three game halves a day. Overtime periods are considered part of the second half. If sub-varsity contests play shortened, 30-minute halves, each half counts as a full half of play. If a sub-varsity contest is only playing 20-minute halves, then the sub-varsity game (a total of 40 minutes) may count as only one half of the allowed 3 halves per day by KSHSAA Handbook Rule #38.
EXCEPTION: A player may participate in two games a day in tournament play.

Please remember to report scores after each game during the season. To do so, log in as a coach or administrator on the KSHSAA Website. Click on “Activities”. Under the Soccer Tab, click on the "Boys Win/Loss Report", and enter your game score. This information is required for postseason tournament seeding.

Tiebreaker/overtime procedures for regular season tournaments (early or mid-season) are determined by the tournament hosts. Regardless of the procedures, final results/game scores are reported as a win or loss by adding one goal to the winning team’s score.

"The score of a forfeited game shall be 1-0 if the game is not started, the score is tied, or the offending team is ahead at that time. If the offending team is behind at the time of forfeit, the score at that time is the final score."

Good sporting behavior is one of the fundamental ingredients to the continued success and enjoyment of education-based high school sports and activities. In fact, in the 103-year history of organized high school sports in the United States, good sportsmanship has been one of the most important outcomes of high school activity programs.

NFHS playing rules are written to encourage sportsmanship. Participation in these programs should promote respect, integrity and sportsmanship. However, for these ideals to occur, everyone involved in these programs must be doing their part.

The NFHS is concerned that unsporting behavior in education-based athletics has increased across all sports. As a result, the NFHS has made sportsmanship the No. 1 Point of Emphasis for the 2022-23 school year. Sportsmanship, or good sporting behavior, is about treating one another with respect and exhibiting appropriate behavior. It is about being fair, honest and caring. When these types of appropriate behavior occur, competitive play is more enjoyable for everyone.

Coaches set the tone at athletic contests with their display of sportsmanship. If these individuals act in a sportsmanlike manner, their behavior sets the tone for players, spectators and others. If coaches, however, are complaining constantly about the decision of contest officials, spectators are more likely to do the same.

There must be a collaborative, working relationship between contest officials and game administration to promote good sportsmanship and safely conduct the contest. Everyone has their roles to play in creating a positive, sportsmanlike atmosphere at contests.

Officials should focus on the actions of players, coaches and other bench/sideline personnel. A positive, open line of communication between officials and coaches ultimately results in a better contest for everyone involved.

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