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September 5, 2023


  1. All varsity contests, tournament or regular season, must be of regulation length in compliance with Rule 1 of the KSHSAA Handbook and Rule 7-1-1 of the NFHS Soccer Rules Book. Games will consist of two 40-minute halves. Intermission will be 10 minutes.
  2. By KSHSAA adoption (Rule 7-1-2), non-varsity contest periods may be shortened with prior mutual agreement.
  3. The KSHSAA has adopted a goal differential whereby at the end of the first half, if one team has gained a 10-goal difference or if it achieves such a differential during the second half, the game shall be terminated.


Section 2: Senior High Regulations
Article 4: No student may participate in more than 16 games including those games played in tournaments. No school may schedule more than two tournaments at any one level of competition, i.e., varsity, junior varsity, sophomore, etc.
a. Regardless of the tournament format, the maximum number of games played in a season, exclusive of KSHSAA post-season competition, shall be 16 games.
b. Invitational tournaments shall be limited to a maximum of eight teams.

Article 5: No player may participate in more than three game halves a day. Overtime periods are considered part of the second half. If sub-varsity contests play shortened, 30-minute halves, each half counts as a full half of play. If a sub-varsity contest is only playing 20-minute halves, then the sub-varsity game (a total of 40 minutes) may count as only one half of the allowed 3 halves per day by KSHSAA Handbook Rule #38.
EXCEPTION: A player may participate in two games a day in tournament play.
NOTE: A player who participates in more than the limit shall be charged with playing in two of the total games that student is allowed during the season and be disqualified from further play that day. The KSHSAA shall be notified of the violation.

Section 3: Middle/Junior High School Regulations
Article 1: No student or team shall participate in more than 9 games during a season, or more than 8 games and one tournament, or more than 7 games and two tournaments.
EXCEPTION: Ninth grade students in junior high schools shall be permitted to compete in the same number of athletic competitions as ninth graders in senior high schools.

Please remember to report scores after each game during the season. To do so, log in as a coach or administrator on the KSHSAA Website. Click on “Activities”. Under the Soccer Tab, click on the “Girls Win/Loss Report”, and enter your game score. This information is required for postseason tournament seeding.

Tiebreaker/overtime procedures for regular season tournaments (early or mid-season) are determined by the tournament hosts. Regardless of the procedures, final results/game scores are reported as a win or loss by adding one goal to the winning team’s score.

"The score of a forfeited game shall be 1-0 if the game is not started, the score is tied, or the offending team is ahead at that time. If the offending team is behind at the time of forfeit, the score at that time is the final score."

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