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Thursday is the first date of competition for high school teams.

If your AD indicated on the ADM-Winter form that you wanted to have a sub-state basketball assignment but after practices started find you do not have enough players for a team, please notify Kyle Doperalski by noon on Wednesday, November 30. As we determine sub-state assignments, we need to have an accurate number of school teams (boys and girls) that will be participating. The plan is to release sub-state assignments this week.

Remember the three points of emphasis this year per the NFHS:

  • Reducing illegal contact
    • The defense can't play with their hands. As a reminder, hand checking constitutes one of four fouls listed in rule 10-7-12
      • Placing two hands on the player
      • Placing an extended arm bar on the player
      • Placing and keeping a hand on the player
      • Contacting the player more than once with the same hand or alternating hands
    • This link cuts straight to four minutes of video addressing hand checks and illegal contact. Officials, please review the signals for a foul listed on page 79 of the rule book and use the appropriate signal twice, once as a preliminary signal and again when reporting the foul in the reporting area.
  • Pregame meeting and proper equipment
    • Head Coaches must attend the pre-game meeting with officials at approximately 10 minutes prior to tip-off.
    • Remember the addition to Rule 3-5-d that states, "hard items, including but not limited to beads, barrettes, bobby pins and other adornments in the hair that are securely fastened to the head and do not present an increased risk to the player, teammates or opponents are allowed."
  • Sportsmanship


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Current Boys Champions Current Girls Champions
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege
Tribune-Greeley County
Topeka-Washburn Rural
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege
Pretty Prairie
Claflin-Central Plains

[Previous State Champions]

[Previous State Champions]

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