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  • Officials, be focused on responsibilities on the court and communicate with partners and coaches when asked a legitimate question. When a game is over, hustle off the court. Don’t worry about the ball or the handshake line. If you have a question about a name or jersey number for a post-game report, ask the administrator once you’ve gotten to the dressing room. Several of you have worked a lot of games. Focus on being as consistent as possible from game to game and within each game.
  • Coaches, it is not appropriate to approach officials after games. Part of the privilege of coaching education-based activities is to lead young men and women which includes handling yourself well in tough moments that don’t go your way.
  • Administrators, be proactive if there is any unsportsmanlike behavior in the bleachers. Make sure there is someone ready to escort officials to their dressing room and escort them all the way there if it is down a hallway or two from the gym. It is also a good idea when on the road to have a presence with your team upon arrival to the host facility all the way through team departure to go back home.
  • Everyone, we’ve had nearly three months solid of basketball. Let’s all take a deep breath and remember what why we do what we do.


  • Class 1A-DI and Class 1A-D2 have completed their seeding and the brackets are posted on the KSHSAA website. Official assignments were sent to the primary host site and officials yesterday.
  • Class 2A and 3A seeding will take place on Wednesday, February 22 at 10:00 AM. It is imperative that schools have their game scores and records correct on the KSHSAA website. On Wednesday, before 10:00 AM, athletic directors are to call or email the host site manager with both boys and girls current records. Seeding will be made based on records as of this day. Games played after seeding will count for state seeding if played after Wednesday. Invitations for officials to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday sub-state games will be sent via Arbiter later this week. Many of the Monday/Tuesday assignments will not be sent until after seeding due to potential travel and conflicts.
  • Classes 4A, 5A, 6A will seed their tournaments on Saturday, February 25 at 10:00 AM. The top 16 schools in each sub-state grouping will be placed in the bracket with play to begin on Tuesday, February 28. Seeds #17 and #18 may play on Monday, February 27 but will not advance into the bracket. Official assignments for these games will not be available until after seeding is completed. It will be late Sunday, February 26 before these assignments are sent via Arbiter.

The win-loss record form that shows each game played and the score must be updated after each game. The form should have all games included by February 25. The seeding for each sub-state is updated on the KSHSAA basketball page by sub-state site so all schools can see where they stand in their sub-state group. It is imperative that schools enter accurate information. This can’t be stated enough.

The running clock is mandatory in all Sub-State contests. The running clock will be used in the 4th quarter only when a 30 point differential is reached. Beginning with the start of the 4th quarter, any time the score differential reaches a 30 point margin the clock shall continue to run except when stopped per NFHS playing rules.

Sub-state rosters for Classes 2A-6A must be submitted by Thursday, February 23 (BB-7 girls; BB-8 boys) by the school administrator. Follow the procedure listed above for submission. A roster and pass gate must be sent to the host sites of all contests.

The forms are online forms and the data will be stored so you do not need to re-key it in for each level of play. When you fill out the form it will generate your roster and pass gate list first for the sub-state roster. Once you have entered all the player information, coach information, and pass gate information at the bottom it will say “continue”, click that button, the next page will allow you to do a printable version of your roster and pass gate (2 sheets) to forward to your sub-state manager.

The Class 1A forms (BB-5 girls; BB-6 boys) were due yesterday, Monday, February 20.

If you qualify for the state tournament you will need to log in and update roster information on BB-9 (girls) and BB-10 (boys) before noon on Sunday, March 6. Changes to pass-gate can be made until noon on Monday, March 7. At that time the KSHSAA will send the pass gate information to the state managers.


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Current Boys Champions Current Girls Champions
Overland Park-Blue Valley Northwest
Tribune-Greeley County
Overland Park-Blue Valley North
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege
Elbing-Berean Academy
Highland-Doniphan West

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[Previous State Champions]

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