Weekly Newsletter

August 09, 2023

KAY Important Announcements:
This year's theme is "Leadership Roundup." I am looking forward to a great year of rounding up some great leadership throughout the state this year!

Sponsors and Club Presidents - Your school will need to submit the KAY-1 form by August 17, 2023, to declare your intent to participate in KAY for the 23-24 school year. School administration and/or sponsors will need to log in to the KSHSAA website to complete this form. Don't delay!

2024 Unit Conference Hosts Still Needed
We might have all the regional conference host sites confirmed but we only have half of the needed unit conference sites secured. Please consider hosting a Unit Conference in 2024. These half-day events are a great opportunity to bring your club together. Please consider hosting in 2024.

2023 Regional Conferences
The dates and locations for this years regional conferences have been set. Please see the Regional Conference schedule by clicking on "Conferences" in the right hand column and for additional information, including the conference schedule.

KLC Attendees
If you attended KAY Leadership Camp this summer, please contact your sponsor ASAP to meet and discuss what you learned at KLC!

Area Projects
At KAY Leadership Camp, representatives from every area met to discuss the Area Service Project to take place this fall prior to Regional Conferences. The student leaders at KLC agreed upon the following for their respective areas.

Area 1 -- STRIVE TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN (care packages for community and involve MS and elementary students)
Area 2 -- FUN AND LAUGHTER (activities that bring fun and laughter to their clubs and/or communities)
Area 3 -- LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY (walk/talk, school games, presenters, self-care moments)
Area 4 -- STRIVE TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN (care packages for 1st responders, nursing homes, etc., city-wide clean-up, help school faculty – janitors, paraprofessionals, cooks, etc.)
Area 5 -- RESPONSIBILITY: Save Lives, Drive Responsibly (projects to promote safe driving and to avoid distracted driving)
Area 6 -- "TODAY FOR TOMORROW" (Emphasize recreation, appreciation, and service)