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July 21, 2020
Hello Leaders!
I just wanted to provide a quick update about what is happening this week in the world of STUCO. Hopefully, you have been checking out the online resources created by this year’s Junior Counselors. Yes, even though we are not having the annual KSHSAA STUCO Leadership Workshop this week at ESU, our JCs have been busy developing some outstanding resources for schools and student councils to utilize as you plan and prepare for the 2020-21 school year. Beginning on Sunday, July 19, daily resources have been coming online on the KSHSAA STUCO Website at Each day this week through Friday, July 24, new online resources launch at noon.
Most are pre-recorded videos; however, launching today is an incredible, new, interactive “KS STUCO Swap Shop” website. Here’s a direct link. Please contribute great ideas from your school by completing the Idea Submission form. There is a downloadable/printable “REALMS” document on the Swap Shop website you may use with your student councils. Also, there’s a link on the KSHSAA STUCO WEBSITE under “Projects and Ideas” for Swap Shop Ideas that provides a PDF of the “REALMS” document, and each letter of “REALMS” is a live link to additional ideas.
Yesterday, the focus was “Officer Training” and all of these resources including pre-recorded videos covering President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Representative can be accessed on Instagram by following kansasstuco. Several questions were answered by our JC experts yesterday via Instagram.

Be sure to keep checking out all of these online resources including tomorrow when leadership styles will be the topic and information regarding the “Silent Colors” questionnaire will be provided.

Finally, we also launched this week an online KS STUCO MERCHANDISE STORE. You can now go online and purchase all items KS STUCO including clothing, water bottles, bags, coasters, stickers, buttons, and more. You can even purchase Officer and Advisor Books. All items are shipped directly to your home or school. Just click on the Kansas STUCO Merchandise Sunflower icon on the KSHSAA STUCO Website.

We may not be at ESU this week for the annual KSHSAA STUCO Leadership Workshop, but you can still grow your leadership. Thank you to all the folks who contributed to the STUCO online resources, especially this year’s Junior Counselors. Enjoy and be well!
Rod Garman


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