2017 Spirit Game Day Showcase Competition

Game Day Registration Update (August 17, 2017)
As expected, response to the KSHSAA Game Day Cheer Showcase has been outstanding. Registrations filled the allotted spaces within minutes and a wait list of schools has been established (in time-stamped order).

At this point, registration remains open for those wishing to be added to the wait list should space become available. Early next week, Varsity will notify schools of the status of each Registration Request, and will be in contact with schools representing the 92 approved registrations to complete the registration process.

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The registration link will appear below after the countdown timer has expired

Spirit Announcements

Daith Piercings
KSHSAA has been asked the following question: Are Daith earrings legal for Spirit participants to have because of medical purposes – migraine headache treatments in particular.

Here is the NFHS and KSHSAA’s position on wearing Daith piercings for Kansas member schools for Spirit (cheer and dance) participants.
The NFHS and the KSHSAA do not allow any piercings for grades 7-12 Spirit participants and this includes Daith piercings.

KSHSAA Handbook Rule 48, Section 1, Article 4b.

All basket tosses (tosses initiated from the waist level, immediately followed by a cradle catch) are prohibited to minimize the possibility of a serious accident and/or injury. The NO Basket Toss Rule applies at all times and at all places, including in Kansas and outside of the Kansas borders.

A pop-toss, to a cradle is legal in Kansas as long as momentum stops at shoulder height or above immediately prior to the toss and the toss does not exceed 3 feet in height above the tosser’s hands.

Fake Eyelashes
The KSHSAA strongly recommends to all Spirit groups: When stunting the use of fake eyelashes should not be worn for the safety of our student Spirit members.

KSHSAA Spirit Safety Meetings 2017-18

  • • Head Spirit Coaches/Advisors (grades 7-12) shall attend a mandatory meeting annually, intended to promote and provide fundamentals of the activity and participant safety.
  • • Face-to-face spirit rules meetings will be conducted on day one of all KSHSAA Summer Cheer/Dance Camps.
  • • Face-to-face spirit rules meetings will be conducted at the 9 Fall Spirit Spreader Clinics August 28 - September 8.
  • • Spirit Coaches/Advisors shall complete a test with information provided and discussed at the spirit safety meeting.
  • • The KSHSAA strongly recommends head spirit coaches attend a face-to-face safety rules meeting if their team performs stunts during the school year.
  • • Head Spirit Coaches/Advisors assuming positions after the scheduled meetings are concluded or who have been granted special permission by their administration may meet the above requirement by taking an online meeting which will be available August 14 until October 8.

Coaching Education Requirement for ALL non-certified cheer and dance coaches is the NFHS "Coaching Cheer & Dance" Course. The course must be completed within the 2017-18 school year by any spirit coach who does not hold a valid teaching certificate, if they are in their first year of service. They must complete this course within the 2017-18 school year or may not be rehired. (If they were a Rule 10 spirit coach in 2016-17 and did not complete this course last year they may NOT coach a team after August 15th until they have completed said course.) A Rule 10 Form A is required prior to 1st practice, if haven’t completed course indicate when plan to enroll in course and estimate completion date on Rule 10 application. Mark supervised for these coaches. Annual filing of Form A is required. [ Continue ]


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Cheer Conferences Dance Conferences

2017 Dates and Sites

2017 Dates and Sites

June 6-9 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Regular) (Tue-Fri)

June 12-15 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Perf. Stunt) (Mon-Thu)

June 13-16 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Elite & Regular) (Tue-Fri)

June 18-21 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Regular) (Sun-Wed)FULL

June 19-22 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Elite & Perf. Stunt) (Mon-Thu)FULL

July 12-15 - Coffeyville Community College (Wed-Sat)FULL

July 17-20 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Mon-Thu)FULL

June 6-9 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Tue-Fri)

June 12-15 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Mon-Thu)

June 18-21 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Sun-Wed) FULL

July 12-15 - Coffeyville Community College (Wed-Sat)

July 17-20 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Mon-Thu)FULL

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