Hosting a Spirit Competition

The requirements to host a Spirit Competition (Cheer, Dance, Drill Team) in Kansas are:

  1. Only member schools may host a spirit competition during the school year. Corporations or outside agencies may only serve as co-hosts.
  2. Host member school must design and distribute all advertising flyers, enrollment forms, liability forms, etc. The advertising flyers must be pre-approved by KSHSAA before distribution.
  3. Host member school must collect all fees.
  4. Host member school coach or activity director must be the contact person(s) who deals with any questions concerning the competition.
  5. Host member school is responsible to assure all KSHSAA and NFHS rules are followed on the day of the event.
  6. Awards - No rankings are allowed only judge’s critiques and/or ratings. (You may not rank which means indicating a #1, #2, #3, etc. You may rate giving I’s, II’s, III’s, etc. Awards must be based on a predetermined rubric system where any team/individual scoring above a designated point level will receive identical awards. There may not be only one team/individual receiving any specific award category-this would be ranking).
  7. Host member school must provide supervision throughout the entire school competition.
  8. Only KSHSAA member schools or other state association member schools may compete at any competition or festival. If non-member schools, private club teams, all star teams, etc. are invited, they must compete at a separate time and in a separate category, apart from the interscholastic competition. The school competition should be scheduled first, immediately followed by any awards assembly then at least a 20 minute break must be taken. After such a break, a separate competition may be held which is not part of the interscholastic competition.
  9. If out-of-state member association schools are invited, the host school must complete a KSHSAA G1 sanction form and file with the KSHSAA at least 30 days prior to the event. 60 days is highly recommended. This form must be approved in advance or out-of-state schools may NOT attend.
  10. Host member school may contract outside instructors, corporations, judges in order to run a quality event. Hiring judges who are qualified and familiar with KSHSAA and NFHS safety regulations should be a top priority.

Please contact Craig Manteuffel if you have any questions regarding getting your Spirit Competition approved by the KSHSAA.


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Cheer Conferences Dance Conferences

2018 Dates and Sites

2018 Dates and Sites

June 5-8 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Regular) (Tue-Fri)

June 11-14 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Perf. Stunt) (Mon-Thu) FULL

June 12-15 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Elite & Regular) (Tue-Fri)

June 18-21 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Elite & Perf. Stunt) (Mon-Thu)

June 26-29 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Elite & Regular) (Tue-Fri) FULL

July 11-14 - Coffeyville Community College (Wed-Sat)

July 16-19 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Mon-Thu) FULL

June 5-8 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Tue-Fri)

June 11-14 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Mon-Thu) FULL

June 26-29 - Salina-Kansas Wesleyan University (Tue-Fri) FULL

July 11-14 - Coffeyville Community College (Wed-Sat)

July 16-19 - El Dorado-Butler Community College (Mon-Thu) Dance Canceled

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