Weekly Announcements

As we enter the postseason, there will be many communications from the KSHSAA, host sites and seeding managers. Please read and respond to these items as many of them will have time sensitive information. If there are any questions, please contact Annie Diederich at adiederich@kshsaa.org.

Rule 2-4-2 Restricted Play
The rule reads as follows: A player may play a ball over a nonplayable area if the player has a body part in contact with a playable area at the time the ball is contacted and may enter the nonplayable area after playing the ball.
There has been discussion about this rule and how it is applied. The case book has a situation that does not align with this rule. A member of the NFHS rules committee was at the KSHSAA in late September and this was discussed. The interpretation is that if one foot is in a playable area and one foot is in a nonplayable area, then it is not legal. If the foot is hovering over the nonplayable area but not in actual contact, then the hit is legal. This rule was changed years before and it is believed that the case book was not updated when the rule changed. As always, the rule book supersedes the case book. This is provided for clarification as we enter the postseason.

Unsporting Conduct
Unsporting conduct includes actions which are unbecoming to an ethical, fair and honorable individual. It consists of acts of deceit, disrespect or vulgarity and includes taunting. No player, coach, or fan act in an unsporting manner while on or near the court before, during or between sets. (12-1; 12-2-1). Remember, any celebration by a team after a “good play” must be directed toward teammates and not the opponent.


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Current Champions
Overland Park-Blue Valley West
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege
Olathe-Heritage Christian Academy
Claflin-Central Plains

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