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2016-17 Speech & Drama Rule Changes

Changes adopted by the KSHSAA Executive Board and published in the 2016-17 Debate, Speech & Drama manual:

1. Permit electronic reading devices for prose and poetry by adding the following language to the manual.

  • Section 3 Selection (a) “Printed” shall be interpreted to mean the printed manuscript, a typewritten copy, or a word processed copy. The use of a printed manuscript on an electronic reading device or tablet computer is allowed. (e) No properties shall be allowed, including electronic or computer-generated sound effects or visuals.

2.Add a new grievance procedure for the State Championship by adding the following language to the manual (as a new section G):

  • G. When the list of titles (for performance at State) comes from KSHSAA, any coach with a protest regarding publication or genre has until the Tuesday noon before the Saturday of the State Tournament to file that protest with the tournament manager. For the challenge, the coach must provide some proof of non-compliance with publication guidelines or event guidelines. To prove publication and/or genre compliance, the responding coach need provide only one source of verification. The decision of the grievance committee will be rendered within 24 hours of filing and shall be considered final.

Definition of Published
Selections must come from literature that is published and copyrighted. “Published” literature shall be defined as any material that is available to the general public with the exception of original material published by local high school publications such as a newspaper, literary magazine, or yearbook. Scripts from the Internet are acceptable if they include:

  1. A receipt or photocopy of the receipt of purchase for the complete work from commercial sources, or
  2. Proof of current Internet source’s existence, such as its inclusion on an electric-reader or indication of valid URL. [Continue]


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