Scholars Bowl
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October 11, 2021

Scholars Bowl regular season competitions may begin as early as October 18.

The 2021-22 Scholars Bowl Manual was mailed to schools in July. This is a vital resource all coaches and administrators will want to become familiar with. It can also be accessed online once logged into the KSHSAA site. Simply click on the “Publications” link and under “Manuals” select “Scholars Bowl”.

The Scholars Bowl Online Rules Meeting (Head Coach Requirement) must be completed by October 18. Schools not completing this requirement will be fined $100. The rules meeting is taken online using coach login information provided to school activities directors. Some coaches completed this requirement by attending a KASBC Fall Clinic.

Connect with the Kansas Association of Scholars Bowl Coaches (KASBC) at

Each high school participating in Scholars Bowl is also required to submit 35 questions to the KSHSAA for postseason competition. To learn more about the question submission requirement, refer to pages 15-17 in the Scholars Bowl Manual. Schools must submit 35 questions by October 22 to be able to participate in postseason competition and avoid a penalty fee of $85.

Remember to track how many competitions each of your students is participating in throughout the season. RULE 51-2-3: No student may participate in more than nine (9) Scholars Bowl competitions per year, exclusive of regional and state. This number is eight (8) if your school does not host a league or invitational tournament.

Schools may host virtual scholars bowl competitions during the regular season. An online competition format and procedures may be accessed on the KSHSAA Scholars Bowl Homepage. Virtual competitions do count towards a student’s maximum of eight or nine regular season competitions. Also, schools hosting a virtual competition may consider it an invitational tournament if several schools participate.

Alert! All coaches (head and assistant) are required to be CPR/AED trained every two years. Are you? Follow up with your activity director (school administration) about this KSHSAA coach education requirement.

Sept. 13 – Oct. 18 = Online Rules Meeting is accessible.
Oct. 18 = Earliest Possible Competition
Oct. 22 = Submit Online to KSHSAA: 35 Required Questions
Nov. 12-13 = Question Validation Committee @ KSHSAA
Jan. 28 = Submit Regional Entry Form to Regional Tourney Mgr. (SB-1)
Feb. 3 = Regional Competition
Feb. 7 = Submit State Entry Form to State Tourney Mgr. (SB-2)
Feb. 12 = State Competition

Please notify Rod Garman at the KSHSAA by October 27 if your school is willing and able to host a Regional and/or State Scholars Bowl Competition for the 2021-22 School Year.




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Current Champions
Andover Central
Olathe-Heritage Christian Academy
Tipton Catholic

[Previous State Champions]


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