Speech & Drama
Speech & Drama

Lincoln Douglas Debate Topic

Manual, Page 40, Sec. 9. The March-April topic from the NSDA (former NFL) website will be used at State.

Speech Championship Events

State Speech Championship events will be voted on during the 2017 rules meetings and will be annouced later this fall.

One Act Play
Please do not request coaches to present one-act plays before they have had their designated 15 minutes.

Festival Events
Regional and State Festival events will remain the same for all 6 classes. Each school may enter the following 11 events in any combination: Original Oratory, Informative Speech, Extemporaneous Speech, Humorous Solo Acting, Serious Solo Acting, Duet Acting, Oral Interpretation of Prose, Oral Interpretation of Poetry, Improvised Duet Acting, Impromptu Speech, and One-Act Play.

Extemporaneous Event (Foreign & Domestic) Categories:

  • International Relations/Foreign Affairs/Int'l Agencies and organizations
  • Africa/Middle East
  • Western Europe/Eastern Europe/Russia
  • China/Japan/the rest of Asia including the Indian Subcontinent
  • Latin America/South America/Canada/Mexico/Caribbean
  • Government – Local, State, Federal/Politics and Politicians/Public Service
  • America’s Social and Health Issues/Economy Business/Labor
  • U.S. Foreign Policy/Foreign Affairs/Military Issues
  • Science/Environment/Technology
  • America’s Judicial System/Education/Issues of Youth

Unannotated Indices Definition:

The Speech Advisory Committee has been asked to define “unannotated indices” as used in theKSHSAA Speech & Drama Manual, page 34, Sec. 3, Extemporaneous Speech.

Unannotated indices may include, but are not limited to:

  • An article file – contains articles from magazines, books, journals, newspapers, and/or other published printed material in original or copy form indexed by topic.
  • A card file - contains index cards organizing magazines or books articles by topic with only the following information: article title, source title, date, and page number.
  • Previous outlines of extemporaneous speeches, written notes on extemporaneous topics, prepared speeches from handbooks and briefs, notations in the margins of published printed materials shall be barred from the extemporaneous prep room.
  • “Blank” extemporaneous outline forms are NOT considered previous speeches or notes. Coaches are requested to reread both paragraphs of Extemporaneous Speech, Sec. 3. Preparation to avoid grievances at invitational or state speech tournaments.


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Speech Champions







Overland Park-Blue Valley HS

Kansas City-Sumner Academy HS

Kansas City-Piper HS

Norton Community HS

Ellis HS

Jetmore-Hodgeman County HS













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