Achivement Recognition


Achievement Recognition

What Is The Point System?

The Kansas Association for Youth stresses group involvement, and a "point system" has been devised to award any worthwhile project. It is hoped that participation by a large percentage of the members will develop an appreciation for their responsibilities as citizens in a democracy. Awards are given to clubs that have earned 1000 points during the year and have filed a summary of the year's projects, programs and parties with the principal.

Clubs may elect to participate in the point system; however, it is not a requirement for membership.

Why Use The Point System?

It encourages members to volunteer and become involved, and it challenges club members to work together to achieve club goals.

Where Does A Club Start?

Awards in KAY are named Red, Blue and Gold. Clubs become eligible for an award during the year by earning 1000 points, plus the specific requirements for the award they intend to earn. At the beginning of the school year the club decides which award they intend to earn during the current year. The club declares their award goal by signing the Goal Sheet (due to the KSHSAA by October 15).

Additional Information/Questions

See KAY Handbook, Section 7 for specific requirements and point charts. Direct questions to Cheryl Gleason:

Section 7