Area Projects


Area Projects

Each fall an exciting activity takes place in the 6 KAY areas across the state.

The "Area Project" is a product of the area president meetings conducted at KAY Leadership Camp this summer. Camp delegates met with their area presidents, brainstormed on service projects and selected one KAY objective and activity in which they challenge all clubs in their area to participate in locally before the fall regional conference.

The September area president newsletter (specific to your area) will provide additional information about your area project. All clubs are encouraged to participate locally in some way before your fall regional conference. As you will note in the September 15 regional conference materials, each club will be asked to make a power point slide to be presented at the regional conference, showing how your club participated in this exciting activity.

As a KAY area TEAM you will truly make a difference. Best wishes in your endeavors.
Remember: Together Everyone Achieves More!


Current Year Projects

Area 1 - To Give Myself to a Cause
Creating and distributing care packages to people in need.

Area 2 - To Give Myself to a Cause
Fundraising/Donations to an organization of choosing

Area 3 - To Enjoy Fun and Laughter
Recreation Reconnection: Connecting communities through activities.

Area 4 - Appreciation/Give My to a Cause
Appreciating a specific cause during citizenship week

Area 5 - Health
To live healthy while have fun (mental or physical)

Area 6 - Health
Focusing on physical and mental health of students.

2022 Area Projects

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