More Tournament Information

Additional Tournament Information

Date: 1/25/2021
School: Winchester-Jefferson County North HS
Activity: Basketball
Gender: G
Year: 2020-21
Level: V
# of Teams Needed: 2
Contact: Joe Worthington
Phone: (913) 774-8515
Comments: The JCN Girls tournament will be held the week of 1/25/21 next year and 1/24/22 the following year. The tournament teams currently include 1 1A and a mix of 2A and 3A teams. There are 3 teams from the NEK League. The other 5 teams will be from a mix of leagues. We provide a very positive environment. We also feed the teams on the final Saturday. This would be a 2 year contract.


Kansas State High School Activities Association
PO Box 495, Topeka KS 66601
Ph: 785.273.5329  Fax: 785.271.0236