KSHSAA Official Spotlight
KSHSAA Official Spotlight List
Officials play an important role in school activity programs. The KSHSAA recognizes the sacrifice these individuals make which allow student-athletes to participate in a fair and safe environment. Each month we hope to "spotlight" officials who are "giving back to the game."" If you are interested in becoming an official more information is available HERE.

Spotlight on Officials features Justin Seuser – (Feb. 2019)
Justin Seuser hears it all as the Buhler High School athletic director. He doesn’t judge calls made on the field since his view from the stands is different than what the referees see on the field. Seuser knows firsthand.The 34-year-old has heard those phases and other “four-letter adjectives” as a referee. Seuser said spectators and coaches have even timed walking by him to have the last word as he left the court. [Continue...]


Spotlight on Officials features Ed Mora – (Jan. 2019)
January’s Spotlight on Officials centers on Ed Mora from Hutchinson. Mora has been officiating baseball and basketball for 19 years. This year the NFHS has tried to connect the service industry like law enforcement to the world of officiating. Given Mora’s day job, as you will read below, you can really see how the intangibles needed in law enforcement tie in nicely to officiating. We thank Ed for taking the time to share his story: [Continue...]


Spotlight on Officials features George Ebert – (Dec. 2018)
The 45-year registered official residing in Flush, Kansas took time out of his life on the farm to tell his story as it relates to officiating. Ebert began his officiating career with the KSHSAA in 1974 with basketball, and a few years later picked up football and has been involved ever since. He is very active in the KSHSAA mentorship program and has officiated numerous state championship games in basketball and football. [Continue...]


Sharing My Experience – (Nov. 2018)
Five years ago one of the recruiting efforts started by the KSHSAA was to ask schools to nominate high school seniors for a potential complimentary registration as an official. Each scholarship official is paired with a “mentor” official who will help them with some of the questions they may have about being a new official. This month Keri Pfrang, a scholarship official from 2015, shares her experience. [Continue...]


From Ties to Stripes... – (Sept. 2018)
I was fortunate to be a head basketball coach for 25 years in Kansas; 4 years coaching boys and 21 coaching girls. After the 2014 season, I decided to “retire” from basketball to follow my kid’s college careers on the golf course and pursue some other interests. I had the privilege to coach many great student-athletes. [Continue...]


Love for Game Turns Former Athletes into Refs – (Dec. 2017)
Almost everyone who becomes a referee is a former athlete looking to give back to a game he still loves. It’s no different for Marysville Sports & Recreation director Brian Fragel, bank vice president and loan officer Jeff Bartels, probation officer Chris Denner, NAPA parts manager Trent Becker, elementary principal Jason Wheeler or Snap-On Incorporated franchisee Robert Eck. [Continue...]


Shanline Calls A Fair Game – (Nov. 2017)
Guys involved with sports like being on the field and playing the game. Zach Shanline is no exception. He likes playing on the Pratt High School basketball and baseball teams. But he has found another way to participate in sports. Shanline is a game official. [Continue...]




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