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2019 STUCO Regional Conferences - Featuring Heather Schultz

Get Ready – There’s Going to Be a New Kid in Town! Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Then you need to get ready for Heather Schultz! Heather Schultz will dazzle the students with two great messages titled: Power Through and Live, Laugh & Lead.

Heather is from Atlanta, Georgia, has traveled the world sharing her message of resilience, embracing failure and taking control of your future. She’s been a businesswoman since the age of 9 when she secured her first babysitting job! Always driven to work, Heather wore many hats throughout her career in retail, family business, fast food and the list goes on. She attended Central Michigan University where she finished her degree as a registered nurse. Heather has worked with HBO, appeared in People magazine and numerous television programs. She has spoken in 49 states and 7 other countries.

If you’re wondering how she became a professional speaker…she accepted a position as a youth director for a non-profit drug prevention youth organization. Her new job included training young people from all over the nation to serve as youth leaders, writing and leading workshops, planning and facilitating weekend retreats and organizing an annual national conference. Heather gained experience from being a workshop facilitator to working as a conference planner. She was also responsible for hiring conference keynote speakers…this is where her horizons were broadened. Her first professional conference keynote position was in 1989 and from there she was hooked. She found her passion and ran with it! Heather is thriving and successful, due to her resilient mindset.

Heather’s keynote session Power Through will open your mind to overcome doubting yourself in facing challenges. Heather knows from experience that you do not have to be what happens to you, but rather you can be a collection of what you choose to be in each of those moments. Power Through is an authentic look at using a resilient mindset to overcome hurdles and become the best version of YOU!

Live, Laugh & Lead is a workshop only for people who like to laugh, interact, talk and never sit down! Positive leadership skills including communication skills, meeting others, introducing yourself and teamwork are explored and then practiced. This workshop is super fun and participants leave ready to use the leadership and life skills learned during this workshop.

You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Heather promises to bring a powerful message and an upbeat energy to each and every conference. You can find out more information on her website at



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