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2017 STUCO Regional Conference Speaker

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski

Award-winning motivational speaker. Author. Entertainer. Miss Kansas 2005.

Adrienne Rosel Bulinski is known to challenge audiences to Think Big, Dream Big, and Achieve Big. For more than ten years, Adrienne’s passion has been motivating the minds of audiences around the country to 1) to believe in themselves and their self-worth (attitude) 2) to believe in their passions and their goals (dream) and 3) to believe in their capabilities of reaching many great achievements in their lifetime (persevere).

Through her messages and writing Adrienne talks about success and failure, depression and attitude, life’s obstacles, and how good financial decisions really does create opportunity. Adrienne puts it all out there, helping teens and adults make the right decisions not based on peer pressure, but based on their personal expectations of themselves.

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications as well as a Minor in Theatre from the University of Kansas. She has lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New York, and Spain before she settled in Colorado with her husband. In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys ski biking, mountain biking, reading, and cooking.

Adrienne will be providing a special discount to Kansas schools during the same period she will be presenting the 2017 Fall Regional Student Council Conferences. At a terrific savings off her regular rate, Adrienne can come to your school for an assembly. To schedule, contact Adrienne directly:

For more information about Adrienne Rosel Bulinski, her programs, her book, or to connect, please visit: or find her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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