Artificial Noisemakers
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Artificial Noisemakers


Artificial Noisemaker Limitations
Artificial noisemakers (including megaphones, cow bells, thunder sticks, air horns, sirens, etc.) are not to be used and bands are not to play (including the beating of drums) while the game is in progress, indoors or outdoors. If the host school administration questions the safety or appropriateness of any noise maker it shall not be permitted. Please refer to the KSHSAA Music Manual, page 21, relating to when bands can play.

By policy of the KSHSAA Executive Board, use of fireworks, cannons, air concussion cannons, hand-held explosives, and other devices, is not permitted at any KSHSAA post-season athletic event. Member schools have the authority to determine if they permit such devices at their regular-season events.




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