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July 25 – 29, 2016


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Beginning a record-breaking 70 year performance in Kansas schools, the KSHSAA proudly presents their long-running, star studded production of KAY (the Kansas Association for Youth), a nationally recognized student leadership organization, that has given and continues to provide countless acts of leadership and service to many.

“LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION” will be the theme for the 2016-2017 KAY school year. The stage is set and the cast is gathering. The cast will include thousands of KAY members and sponsors, all with big parts in making a difference as they continue to take an active role in serving others. And equally important in this production is the best supporting cast of school administrators who wisely provide their students with this lifetime opportunity.

The dress rehearsal for this exciting hit will begin this summer at KAY Leadership Camp. Equipped with a talented & creative stage crew (staff), KLC will provide cast members with an exciting and memorable time as they preview coming attractions, realize that actions speak louder than words, and understand that there are no small parts. The ideas and motivation at KLC will provide for an award-winning year that is sure to win an Oscar Nomination.

KAY is nationally recognized for demonstrating a long-running history of serving those in our schools, community, nation and world. And the winner is... those being served and the student who are receiving countless rewards through their participation.

Ratings for “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION” include: G (Great): PG (Positively Great); SF (Super Fantastic) ET (Exciting Times); OTT (Over The Top); OOO (Outstanding Outrageous Opportunity).

Stay tuned for exciting previews sure to merit a standing ovation and lifetime memories!




Cheryl Gleason
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