KAY Clubs


How To Start A KAY Club


Considerations for starting a KAY Program

  1. The school is a member of the Kansas State High School Activities Association.
  2. The administrator approves of the KAY Club program.
  3. The students in the school indicate an interest in the club program.
  4. The administrator appoints a faculty member or members to plan a meeting for the purpose of explaining the projects, programs and parties.

To Organize A New Club

  1. Request a sample packet of KAY materials from the KSHSAA. KAY clubs are given 2 Handbooks of materials to assist them - one for the president and one for the sponsor(s).
  2. Schedule a meeting for all the students and invite the KSHSAA to send a member of its staff to explain the club program and answer questions.
  3. Following the meeting, call a short session for all who are interested in organizing such a club. A nominating committee may be elected. This committee shall be comprised of 2 representatives from each class and one representative at-large from the entire group. Ask all in attendance to sign the membership list.
  4. The third meeting is for the purpose of electing officers. It is suggested that the ballots be prepared for the election.
  5. The officers shall meet with the sponsors to select the board members.


A list of officers and board member positions is located in the KAY Handbook, Section 1 (Constitution).




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Cheryl Gleason, Administrator
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