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Invitational Speech Tournament Grievances or Rulings:

April 2014 – “Rosa’s Lament” was performed as a prose and it is published as a dramatic solo. The grievance committee disqualified the selection because it is a scripted piece and as stated in rules it cannot be performed as a prose.

February 2013 –“From the Flow” by Janet O’Neil from the book Turning Points was performed as a poetry event and a grievance was filed. It is NOT published as poetry and should therefore not be allowed in that event. Ruling: the grievance was upheld and the student was disqualified from sweeps points, but not to pull individual ballots.

February 2013 – “Henry V” was performed in poetry and was challenged because it is from a script. Section 3b specifically states that no play scripts be used in Poetry. Ruling: Shakespeare’s “Henry V” is a script and is not allowable in Poetry Pg. 33 –Sec 3b. The student was disqualified from finals but prelim results will stand.

January 2013 – A coach filed a grievance against a student that alleged he had violated the duplication rule addressed in Sec. 8 of the KSHSAA Speech Manual. After meeting with the student’s coach, the grievance committee determined that there was enough similarity between the two orations (the one he gave last year and the one he was giving this year) to find in favor of the coach filing the grievance. The student was disqualified and lost all sweeps points he had accumulated in the event.

March 2012 – Students were caught using their cell phones while in gym prep-room and disqualified from the round.

February 2012 – It was ruled by a grievance committee that “Missing Natalie” by Nicole Blackman is a poetry selection not prose. This piece was performed by two different students from two different schools, one as a prose and the other as poetry.

February 2012- A coach self-reported that one of their students changed their prose selection after their first round to a piece that the student had performed last year. In order to prevent any further violation, the student was disqualified from the event. February 2012- A student was disqualified for performing a poetry selection (Beowulf, a new verse translation by Seamus Heaney) in prose competition.

Recent State Speech Championship Tournament Grievances or Rulings:

May 2012 – Student was reciting piece from blank agenda in prose. Student did not have manuscript with them. Student was disqualified for violation of Sec. 3a. on page 34 of manual.

May 2012 – Student used a legal pad during Impromptu speech. Student was disqualified for violation of Sec 6 of Impromptu rules on Page 37 of manual.

May 2012 – Judge served as potential timekeeper – potential lowering of ranking. Grievance committee talked to judge which stated time was not a factor for ranking. They also informed judge not to keep time in future. Ranking was not changed.

May 2012 – Dramatic Interp student used a chair. Grievance committee ruled student to be ranked last in the section based on Dramatic Interp rule on page 36, section I. It indicates that selection will be performed without the use of physical objects.

May 2012 – Manual states that performing in the wrong room gets the last rank. However after student performed then realized mistake and went to correct room and performed a 2nd time in the same round. Grievance committee ruled even though student performed in correct room it was after performing in wrong room and thus supported decision of manager for student to be ranked last in round.

May 2012 – Judge interrupted student’s Duo performance indicating they were offended but then allowed them to finish. Judge was interviewed and indicated the stoppage did not affect the score. Grievance committee suggested language be added to manual that a judge may not stop a performance at any time.



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